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Just back from Brantingham

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  • Just back from Brantingham

    Me and my wife and son just got back from Brantingham,we had a good 3 days of riding with some friends who stayed with us. we rode the hill Thursday and Friday,good snow with grooming being done, still late in the day the usual rough trails appeared. On Sat we went to Stillwater to stay away from the crowd on the hill,the ten mile crossing is rough for the first 5 miles but gets better as you go, the groomer had been out on Friday and passed our cabin again on Saturday headed to Stillwater. All the trails need more snow but as this winter has shown us that is not always what we get so enjoy the riding we get and always please remember there are others sharing the trails with you,please stay to the right around corners, as I had a few close call on Saturday. One time two guys where side by side around a blind corner and almost hit me head on,please use good judgement!!!!
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    Originally posted by sledman1
    please use good judgement!!!!

    AMEN!! I have been there too.. Sooooo important!
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      glad to hear you got some good riding in Greg. Sorry we didnt make it, we decided to just ride around home since the noreaster hit and my dads work was giving him all kinds of genuine BS. hope to meet up again sometime. if the conditions are good, i'll be up the 24-26