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bibs/pants for women with a longer inseam?

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  • bibs/pants for women with a longer inseam?

    All the womens snowmobiling bibs I have ever tried are hardly long enough. I am not super tall (5'8") but it is a real challenge to get a sufficient length. I usually have to comprimise and go with something in Mens, but, then the waist is off... Gerr....

    Do any of you ladies out there have any suggestions?

    Oh, and to add an extra layer, I do ride a REV, and would like some knee, shin protection to be incorporated as well.

    - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!

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    Alia,Give Rusty Palmers a call and ask for Katrina she runs the clothing and acc. department,she won't give up till she finds somthing that fits ya.

    Phone # (570) 235-4507 ask for Katrina...
    Ride it like a Rental

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      Good Luck. If you go with a men's pant you loose the drop seat. I refuse to wear a set of bibs without the drop seat if ya know what I mean. I have looked at many bibs and the only pair I reccommend are arctic cat bibs. They have the drop seat and are fit for a woman and they come in tall sizes too. I am your height and I didnt need to get a tall. The only down side is they do not have any padding in the legs and they do not come in any colors, just black. If you have a REV invest in the additional pads that can be purchased for your side panels. If you find something else please post! I ride a REV too but for now I am sticking with my Cat bibs. LOL


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        Oh yes - that is right - I will have to check on those panels - Great idea.
        Thanks Suzie~!
        - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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          I was "forced" into getting the knee pads for my sled. I didn't think they were cool, but I have to admit.... no more bruised leggies.

          Can someone PLEASE manufacture cool ladies bids????????
          I want color and padding and of course a drop seat!


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            Haha - no kidding!!
            - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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              Hey - heads up LadyFreaks:

              I found a riding pant that is long enough!

              So far I'm very happy with it!
              - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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                This item is out of stock!


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                  It's Sounds like it's hard being Divas.