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Need your HELP Pa. Boyz.....

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  • Need your HELP Pa. Boyz.....

    I have a chance to transfer to Wilmington, Delaware maybe sometime this year. I noticed that Wilmington isn't that far from Philly. Any of you ever been there or know anything about it. Right now its an idea in the back of my mind, just in case things don't work out at my work place.

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    Snowman, Im lookin for a laborer this summer. You can transfer to Albany and Ill let ya sleep in the poolhouse w/ the chemicals and stuff. Room and bored extra.
    Let me know.
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      Snowman, Wilmington, Delaware is beautiful in the summer time but it is a shore town and heavily trafficked area. Tourists and traffic everywhere. Philly is a lot of fun, rich in history and there is never a shortage of things to do. If you do move to either place, you'll be close to all the majors as well as Maryland and the D.C. areas. What do you do?


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        I currently work for a company called Dephi Automotive Systems. Right now their in bankrupsy, and trying like hell to unload us higher paid employees. Because we were once part of General Motors, theres talk about allowing us to flow back to GM. One of the plants that's offered is a Saturn plant in Wilmington, Delaware. Reason why its a choice right now, is because its around 5 hours from home and 2 hours from sister-in-law in DC. I checked out the real estate, and it seems awful pricey. Hope its nothing like the DC area, where my sister-in-law paid $970,000 for a house on 1 1/2 acres with a dirt rd. and a septic/well system.

        Billy, I might take you up on that offer if we go out on strike. But I'd feel more comfortable sleeping next to Bonnie.


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          snowman, Saturn is supposed to be a great company to work for. Real estate prices are rediculous everywhere. You should see what they're are selling homes for here. I hope without too much stress you are able to find what you need. Maybe some others will see your posts on here and be able to help guide you in the right direction. Best wishes.


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            hey Wilmington is cool...I lived near Kennett Square(PA),,,not far from is a clean state...and tax free???....Im not sure wilmington is near any shore???but it is a fun city...a good choice...I would go for it!

            lots of HOT women...!


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              lol.........Thanks Chris, I'm sure Mrs. Snowman would like that.

              My other choices are Arlington, Texas, Shrevesport, La., Fairfax, Kansas, Ft. Wanye, Ind. As you can see, no snowmobile states to select from. Only one close is Wilmington.


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                well then there you go..wilmington it is...hope you and MRS snowman enjoy...lots of history.....and close to the snowtrails....


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                  Texas! YEE HA! Texas is a great state. A lot of fun and the people there are super friendly. Everyone is addressed as mam or sir. Very respectful My daughter was stationed there for a short time. If you don't like heat though ,not a good place to move to.

                  Fairfax, I don't know too much about Fairfax but it is close to Reston and Reston is a beautiful area. Did you know that Reston is a fairly new city and was founded only approximately 35 years ago, give or take a few. It is clean and the temperatures there are always seasonably warm. Snowman, it looks like you have your work cut out for you and a big list of places to chose from. This could be a very exciting time for you and the Mrs. . Have fun
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