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NEW Z1 Jaquar- What do you think?

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  • NEW Z1 Jaquar- What do you think?

    I am not really a fan....

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    It's nice

    Just buy a rev and be done.You don't have to move the seat bars,just ride it past anything you wish.Just paint it green!!!


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      I like the way it looks . Give it a chance!!


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        gonna have to grow on many of us


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          4 stroke is the future. Give it at least a year. We need light weight, nimble handeling, good fuel mileage, dependable sled. Personally I think it is very hot looking...

          Oh yea I recently came from Edge chassis Polaris now riding 05 MXZ Z 600 SDI love it.
          Until someone pays ME to ride a sled I will be loyal to no one. I will buy the best sled of the time.

          2017 Ski Doo Renegade X 1200 ORANGE


          Sometimes, it is OK for things to be less than OK. We have, in our minds, an unrealistic expectation.
          We think everything ought to be perfect. If it isn't, we figure we must be doing something wrong.
          But we live on a planet where nothing is without fault. Nothing.... and nobody !
          What counts, in the end, is not how you manage to make things right.
          It's how you manage to live with the fact that some things will always be a bit wrong.


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            i love arctic cat BUTTT

            i love arctic cat but the way that thing looks id honestly THINK about riding a ski doo or a confusion for that fact.
            not trying to start a war with the name calling any one its friendly