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i got a question about the f6 and f7s

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  • i got a question about the f6 and f7s

    what kinda speed do f6's and f7's get and you think they would beat a mxz 600 ho sdi with studs in a race? both the f6 and f7 are stock, non-efi machines.

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    I'd say if it was your MXZ 600 up against a F7, then the answer would be nope. But against a F6, it'll come down to the riders weight. You'll maybe trade a few wins apiece.


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      f6 vs rev 600

      my freinds have a 2005 f6 black widow with just studs and a can and then his bro has a 04 rev 600 ho x with a mbrp can too and studs.

      they raced three times on the lake
      1st race the rev spanked the f6
      then the last 2 races the f6 put the little revolution in its place.

      please not the person on the f6 wieghed 160 pounds and his bro wieghs like 280 that might have been the reason.

      one thing i know is that jesse the kid on the f6 ordered a sticker for it that siad" here kitty kitty my @ss"

      hope this helps you out some