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  • Getting into canada

    Does anyone know,when driving into canada do you need a passport or can you just take your birth certificate?

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    A Birth Certificate with a Drivers License is good for now, but do yourself a favor and get a Passport. There has been rumors about changing to "Passport only" for every Janruary since 9-11.


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      A driver's license is adequate currently, but beginning in 2007 or 2008 I forget which, you will need a passport to get back into the U.S. as well as getting into Canada. Otherwise, for now, if you are polite and straight forward, a drivers license is fine. Beat the rush, get your passport now.
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        I have already been once this year. I needed my divers license and my birth certificate. This was the first year I needed my birth certificate, I always brought it with me but they never asked for it last year. You will be turned away if you do not have your birth certificate this year.

        I heard passports for 2007.


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          Thanks for the info

          Thanks to everyone for replying and I will be loking into getting a passport.Doesn't sound like there any sense in mess'in around it's coming to that anyways.Since the hill can't seem to keep snow on the ground canada would be my next alternative.I thought fuel costs for getting to the hill were crazy,can't wait to see this one.

          Thanks, i'm going looking for snow


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            The last 5 times through, my vehicle has been asked to produce Passports or Birth Certificates for everyone inside. Prior to these past 5 crossings, I have never been asked to produce any ID for the 26 years I have been riding Quebec. I have had a Passport for about 4 years now, and it seems to carry more weight at Customs then the standard Birth Certificate does. Some people still get in and out with just a Drivers Licencse. If you choose to go without having your Birth Certificate with you, don't be mad when your entry is refused. Anyone who tells you different is wasting your time.
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