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  • Shawinigan, QC-Report-Amazing-Motel Safari

    Hey folks,

    Just got back from Canada thursday night, Stayed at the "Motel Safari" in Shawinigan ... and I will be going back.

    *The Hotel - Got there about 7:00PM ... walked up to the desk and said ..." Hi, I'm Ken ..." (Never got to finish) ... the owner ... Bernard ... says ... "You want a free beer?" I knew I was in the right place.

    It was Bernard's Birthday, so I went to dinner with a large group of sledders. Food was great and got some ideas on where to go.

    The place was clean ... small rooms, but nice. Lots of security. Locking gates, heated garage for the sleds. Mechanic down the road will come if you have a problem. If you break down ... the owner will go pick you up with your rig or his. AND ... and they own a shuttle bus like the ones you see at the airport (A bit old, but functional). He shuttles you around to the bars and restaurants, free of charge.

    * The Trails ... everything you would expect from Quebec Trails. Lots of snow, Flat, Flat, Flat trails ... Better grooming that what we saw in St. Zenon last year. Did I mention the trails were flat? Ran across groomers many times (24hr grooming) ... and they were grooming already flat trails.

    First day ... Left the hotel at 9:20 AM ... zipped along for a while, stopped for gas ... zipped around a little more. Looked down at the odometer ... 108 miles. Didn't really feel hungry, but decided to stop for a break. Walked into the restaurant and looked at the clock. 11:45AM. 108 miles in less than 2&1/2 hours. I was amazed. Ended up with 325 miles the first day.

    The next 2 days, I did more of the "Destination" thing. Went to specific places, So I only did 275 miles day two and 255 day 3, but was in at dusk (About 6PM) each day. Had a few more "Free" beers," Went to dinner, and was well rested in the morning.

    The last day, We were heading to the "Ice Hotel," north of Quebec City, and the gal we were with had a problem with her sled about 20 miles out. Went back to the hotel, had the mechanic look at it. Did what he had to do, and we were back on the trail in 2 hours, but the Ice Hotel trip was out, because it was already after Noon ... and a 220 mile round trip was a bit too much at that point. Especially if we were going to hang out a while at the hotel ... I'll save that trip for next time. So, we did a small loop, relaxed at a resteraunt on the trail and only did 150 Miles.

    I'm definitely ... going back ... depending on what I hear from Tug Hill this weekend, I may forgo the Trash Ride and head back next weekend. It's well worth the extra 2 hours drive in the truck for those conditions. The "Ice Hotel" will be on the schedule the first day.

    Anybody want to go with?

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    Sounds like you had a awesome time Ken, good for you !!
    What I don't understand tho is why you'd want to ride smooth, smooth did I say smooth, fast trails over going to Tug Hill next weekend ??? hehe
    I say go for it !!!!
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      The ICE HOTEL is COOL! DEFINITELY worth a stop. We did a month or so ago. Going up to Bernard's to begin our destination ride on the 8th. CAN'T WAIT!
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        Thats awsome TCAT. I wonder if all shots are "on the rocks" hehehe Hope to see ya soon
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            Originally posted by rotalaris
            Thats awsome TCAT. I wonder if all shots are "on the rocks" hehehe Hope to see ya soon

            Oh yea ... gotta love the glasses ... made out of ice ... drinks never get cold ... Some of the folks that did make it out there, brought back a number of "Ice Glasses" ... they gave me a shot glass. Managed to keep it frozen. Have it in my freezer.
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