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  • Why????????????????

    Why is it that i IM snopro no response I emailed him no response mybe i need to look at a different site one that will at least reply back!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not to be mean or insenceitive (sp). But they got snow now and are riding. Other sites compared to this one in my opinion suck, so if you must, you must! But I'm sure you will agree when the "PRO" e mails you or answers your im it will be FACTUAL information or at least a EDUCATED guess. There are a lot of imposters out there, need I say "Snopro", or "Snowpro". But this site is the real deal and the "PRO" works hard on giving us all a fair shake. But like I said snow means riding, and this year you got to take it when you can get it!!


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      hi,,,,cause I didnt have a computer from 2-20 to 2-24 maybe??????

      RESIZING PIX HAS TO DO WITH YOUR COMPUTER...NOT SLEDFREAK's WEBSITE PEOPLE....I have posted this a 100 x's.... i did send you a email and PM
      good luck...if I can post pix here ...anyone can...


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        Yeah wut he said LOL.......hows the snow ....Pro ??
        L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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          snows good...wil give a better report this afternoon of areas...lots fo long can it last??? it is cold at least...

          ALASKANFLIER.....thanks for watching my back cuz!!

          and RYAN..I will get to ALASKA some day!!


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            snow or snot we'll be there !!
            L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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              Be there or be square. This is the 2006 TRASHER EVENT.Those who miss it will only be WANNA BE 06 TRASHERS!! LOL
              See yaz there.
              H20Xing is more twice as badass as the second most badass thing in the world.
              Heaven is a chocolate train with a monkey conductor who farts lollipops!

              Founder of ROTS. POSSE


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                well snowpro did youmake out....dont you have any friends who know how to resize on computer??