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Picture Re-Sizing 101

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  • Picture Re-Sizing 101

    Here it is folks! Picture resizing for the computer challenged.

    You will need to use a picture editor. Examples of this are Microsoft Picture Manager, Corel Photo House, Microsoft Picture it Express.............. You can see what is available on your computer by right clicking on the picture you want to resize and choose "open with" this will bring up all the programs on your computer that can open that file. If you have one of the programs listed above use it!


    Open the picture you want to resize.

    Now look for an option called "picture","format" or "tools" or "resize."
    You need to find the option to resize your picture, it is there you will just have to look for it, it is in a different location in each program. I have included an example from Microsoft Picture Manager.

    Depending upon your program resize the image to 3x5 inches or 640x480 pixels.

    Now do a "SAVE AS" and save the picture as another name, this way your original is maintained for those of you worried about messing with the original. You might also have the option in here to change the pixels on the picture, look to see if you can change the pixels to 640x480 and the file will save to a file size that the freak web site will allow.

    Some programs allow you to resize the image while you do a "SAVE AS". The Microsoft Picture it Express let you do it here. An example is given below. In the "Save As" screen look for a button like "Options". Inside is an option to change the size of the picture by pixels. a good size of this site is 640x480 pixels. And when it saves it becomes a good file size that the freak web site will allow you to load.

    640x480 pixels works well with this site!

    Good Luck everyone! I hope this helps.
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    Even easier....

    Goto Microsoft PowerToys for windows XP:
    download and install the image resizer powertoy (Imageresizer.exe)

    This adds a "Resize Pictures" selection to the right-click menu. Just right-click on any picture file and select Resize Pictures. A dialog box pops up and you can choose how much to shrink it! Way cool......and EASY!


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      Thanks Fishsmell!


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        Now let me get this stright? what do I do again!?!?!?!

        good job, Suzie. A little back ground everyone. She walked or should i say dragged me through it this morning. When I mean dragged, I'm horrible at computers. So it took awhile, but I got it!!!

        I still would like to see if when we upload pics they automaticlly size themslves. Thanks again Suzie Doozy
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          thanks for the help....yes i'm severly challanged


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            thanks susiedooo...


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              fishsmell your right fish do smell


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                thank you suziedoo!! it's now a sticky so everyone can get some A+ directions


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                  SuzieDoo I think I love you, I cant thank you enough for the intro to pic sizing it makes this site a lot more fun to send pics for everyone to see....

                  Thanks again mackenzienh
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