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**little Joe, Age 11 Records 145 Miles...1 Day..

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  • **little Joe, Age 11 Records 145 Miles...1 Day..

    ...little Joe Was A Big Hit At The 2006 Trasher/freak Ride....on Thursday....he Rode The Entire 145 Mile Trip They..he Also Lead The Pack A Couple Of Times.....he Did A Great Job...only Problem Was He Had To Keep Waiting For His Dad At The Stop Signs....
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    OK, I thought i had just posted here - but maybe I didnt, or maybe It got lost??

    Anyway - I think Little Joe did awesome. Thursday every time we stopped I could tell that he was smiling ear to ear under his helmet . In a way, it was a reminder of the days I would go riding with my own dad back in the day..Good deal guys!!

    - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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      wish i wouldve been doing that when i was 11!! awesome job little joe!!! whats this i hear you smoked your dad?? haha


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        That's AWESOME!
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          Thats great! Good to see younger ridiers out there having fun!! (and recording more mileage then me!)
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            Thats Awesome!!! I can't waite for my son to be old enough to take out like that. He will be 4 in april. He did get his first sled this xmas, a 79 kitty kat. Due to lack of snow, he has only ridden it a couple of times.

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            Well, as you can see by the date, I couldn't waite until xmas


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              sorry...little joe is only 10 years old......


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                I'm glad to see parents sharing with their kids.
                That's just one of the best things you can do.

                I do miss out on plenty of the rides I get invited on mountain riding with the big boys to be able to take my family up.
                Funny thing is that I don't actually miss anything on those days.
                I'm normally having a blast riding with the fam in locations where they are comfortable with riding in. (wife just refuses to climb a chute, I can't figure out for the life of me why....)
                Let's Ride Idaho


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                  Little Joe

                  Hunter handles that sled like he has rode for years. I had a nice time riding with u guys. Hope to ride again!