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  • Tales Of A Trasher Ride

    WOW ----what a week,alot of excitement some disapointment and A bunch of new friends

    WED RIDE -VIP RIDE ------ROTA,BONNIE,JOEEE,SLOWGOER------down thru Barrows to Boonville around the canal to the RR tracks up to NOGOWOCKI for lunch across the Stillwater reservoir then back to B-ham----great little ride the snow cover on the tracks could have been better

    thursday ride-FREAKER RIDE-----Rota,JOEEE,SLOWGOER,DIVA,SlEDFREAK,F7GREEN,LIL JOE,KENNY,RICH,"the new guy" ------down thru Barrows out to Osceola Trading Post for lunch then thru Cedar Pines where where FREAKER bailed out on camp 4 to get back to the Cave,we continued on up Salmon River to Barnes corners at this point DIVA took the lead and showed the boys that she could really ride ,Rota and I battled for 2nd position behind her so we could watch her tiny frame wiggle thru the corners and pin it on the straits,suddenly we were approaching Copenhagen as the sun was setting and there were some spectacular views of the windmills, now dark it seems the slower riders became confused and might have missed a turn, we searched for the threesome for awhile then we split up in 2 groups and headed to Flatrock to hopefully reunite with them,when we arrived at Flatrock we had a cocktail and waited a bit longer for them but no show so back to the hotel where we found our lost TRASHERS loading up there sleds.

    friday ride--JOEEE RIDE----JOEEE,HOCKEY,BILL,SNOWMAN,CRAIG------left the EDGE thru Timberview to the Gorge then to FLATROCK out to Barnes Corners then to Copenhagen,Carthage,HARRISVILLE ---with just a few miles left to Stillwater Road my DOO shot its load---"out came the tow strap " Bills poo pulled the doo while I rode 2up with Craig to the Stillwater INN after lunch I entertained Jackie for 3 hours while the others went back for the truck and trailer.

    sat ride-SLOWGOER RIDE------JOEEE,Slowgoer,HOCKEY,BILL,F7Green,LIL JOE------left B-ham to Confusion Flats then up thru the GG TRAIL (where GG hit the tree in 2003) to the "new" OLD FORGE trail to Big MOOSE went north on the TRACKS to NORGOWOCKI had lunch then across STILLWATER RESERVOIR to 10 mile trail and back to B-ham to the SLEDFREAK PHOTO SHOOT with our favorite Sledfreak model KRISTEN. WOOOOHOOOOO look for super moderators picture with Kristen
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    Holy F*#k I'm Beat !!

    What else can I add other than that I had a great time !! I'm sure I'll think of something!!

    1st off ,hats off to Rota and Joeeeeeee for salvaging the 06 ride,awesome trails and conditions for the most part.I personally logged over 500 miles for the 4-days I spent in B-Ham with Bill and Bonnie (thank you both again It was a blast).

    It was great to c some people I haven't seen in a couple of yrs and always nice to meet new folks as well.
    Little Joe was a hoot to ride with and made me alot as well as miss my own kids a TON !! Great kid ya got there Scott, hope we can ride more together next yr... I like your pace !!

    To The Hockeys...Great to see you again too bad we did not have alot of time to catch up maybe nxt yr !!

    To The Chief Freak... next yr we hook up again and party at the cave...great to meet the Boss finally !!

    Snowman...maybe we can still get that local ride in this yr LOL !!

    It always amazes me at how this sport can bring so many people of all walks of life together to enjoy what we love and for that I am thankfull for new found friends !!

    For those of you who have never ridden OFF the hill you are missing a ton of great trails with little or no traffic.After riding this week and only scooting the outskirts of the hill itself it was awesome to ride flat smooth trails N,S & East of Tug.My solo 100 mile quest to chase down Joe and Co. on Friday was one of the best days I have ever had on my sled.Flat...unbelivably fast and low traffic.I now have little or no desire to ride the rat race on the main corridors of the hill anymore !! I give all the clubs a big thumbs up on trail conditions due to low snow this yr !!

    So anyway to end the...... Drama hehehehehe of my post I will say to all who I met and rode with...Thank You for another memorable snowmobiling experience !! Be Good and Be Nice !! -------------> Slowgoer Forever a Freaker !!
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    L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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      Next year I will take a week off of work and will attend. I just need a little advance notice and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Sounds like a great time. Pretty sure I would fit right in.


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        great write ups, hopefully we can get a bunch more freaks at next years ride


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          heres what you get when you hit 50!!!!!

          fuzzy handle bar covers....

          on sale at rite aid....
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            Who is that Blair morgan wannabe????????????


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              why dont you just wear REAL snowmobile clothes instead of sno cross stuff...then maybe you wouldnt need those MITTEN COVERS....BWAHHH


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                Get a real sled and you wouldnt have to bring it to D&D


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                  Great write ups Joeeee!!
                  What a great ride it was!
                  - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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                    joeeee...that crossfire would SMOKE your DOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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                      in its present condition it would


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                        I couldn't figure for the life of me how you could ride with those mitten thingy's on there! All the turning etc I do, would not be comfortable. Let alone how my hands would be sweatin. Not my thing, sorry!
                        "If ya can't fix it, get a hammer. If a hammer won't fix it, get a pry bar. If a pry bar won't fix it, get a bigger hammer. If the bigger hammer doesn't fix it. It belongs there."


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                          Have you ever been to Canada?,would you rather call it a day for frostbite,when you use muffs you usually wear a lite pair of gloves underneath for flexability


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                            They R GAY !! But I would use them at 80mph all day thats for sure !!
                            L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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                              I used them the first time a few years ago at a X-Contry race in Hurst, Ontario- they saved my arse!
                              - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!