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Motel Safari - Shawinigan Part 2 (Ken & Trisha's excellent adventure)

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  • Motel Safari - Shawinigan Part 2 (Ken & Trisha's excellent adventure)

    Just a note before I start. The last day I was there, I was about 20 miles out from the hotel and saw a sign ... St. Zenon - 160 Kilometers (100 Miles). Had I realized we were that close, I would have "Backpacked it" over for a night or two. Maybe next year, those of us from CT/M/NH/VT could start out in Shawinigan and ride over to St. Zenon and meet up with the folks form NY, PA and other points west. We can call it something like the "Sled Freak Canadian Hook Up Ride" ... just a thought
    After my last adventure to Shawinigan, I decided a return trip was in order. I really did want to go on the "Trash Ride" at Tug Hill ... but Canada had more dependable conditions. So ... I called XCTricia and we decided to head to Canada as opposed to New York.

    Day 1 - We got started a little later than planned, but we still got to Motel Safari by 4:00PM. Bernard's wife Jocelyn greeted us and asked if we wanted a free beer (I love this place). We opted to ride first and get our free beer later. Went for a short ride out to "Chez Roger" ... a nice Resteraunt/Bar out in the middle of nowhere. It was Getting cold (Below Zero), so we headed back after a beverage. About an hour each way ... 70 smooth miles first day. Went to the lobby for our free beer.

    Day 2 - Rode out to the Quebec Ice Hotel. Very, Very, Very COOL!! No matter how many pictures you take, there is nothing like seeing it in person. Stopped for dinner ... stopped again for beer. Made it home at a reasonable hour ... Little over 200 miles for the day.

    Day 3 - Morning Bummer - I broke Tricia's starter cord ... the little teflon grommet came loose sometime back and the cord rubbed through on the metal. We were VERY lucky it happened at the hotel. Took the recoil off and brought it to the local shop. 15 minutes and $15 CDN later, we went back and installed the repaired recoil unit. By this time it was about 1:00PM ... so we went on another little loop ... Stopped back at "Chez Roger" for a beer ... then returned to the hotel ... about 90 Miles for the day.

    Day 4 - Started out great ... turned into the ride from hell. Headed out to Lake Sacacome to this HUGE Log Cabin Hotel (Hotel Sacacome). Fantastic Place. EXPENSIVE !!!! (At this point we were only 50 miles from "La Cabanon" in St. Zenon).
    Afternoon ... Trails were getting a little bumpy from the traffic. Saddled up and headed out to "Gerry's."
    It was at this time I realized that the new shocks couldn't handle hauling my fat ass around ... Shocks Blown, AGAIN!!! ... Less than 500 miles. (Didn't really notice it on the flat trails), And these were supposed to be the "Super" shocks that I traded out the "Smart Ride" for ... Bad choice. Went "Pogo" the rest of the day.
    Gerry's is a restaurant and Deer Farm where the owners took a Zamboni out into the woods and made trails between the trees so you can ice skate around the woods. Unfortunately, It was dark by the time we got there, so the sightseeing was limited. They were playing music video's (English) in the resteraunt ... so we ordered a beer and sat down. Wasn't sitting for 2 minutes when the music changed ... drastically. I turned out that we got there just in time for Karaoke night ... IN FRENCH !!!! Now for those of you that don't know me, I can't stand Karaoke ... much less in a language I can't speak. Got the hell out of there after one beer. Headed towards home. Caught about 10-15 miles of freshly groomed trails. Then some more "Vermont Quality" bumpy trails ... then back onto the main corridor trail * (See Below), and got in about 10:30PM ... LONG day. 185 miles (Or So). Much slower speeds than any other day.

    Day 5 - Opted to load up and drive home. Good thing too ... missed an exit ... got stuck in construction traffic ... took over 9 hours to get home. All in all ... a good days.

    * Additional Notes about Quebec Trails. The Major corridor trails were maintained well ... good to excellent conditions all the time. The "Lesser" club trails are somewhat "Hit or miss". Quebec is suffering from the same weekend traffic problems as anywhere else ... They are dealing with not only the Canadian folks traveling there to ride due to no snow ... they have all of us from the USA driving up too. Club Trails that were groomed 3 times on Friday and flat as glass ... were getting bumpy by Saturday afternoon. To their credit, there was 24 hour grooming with many trails groomed 2-3 times per day. How often to they grrom at Tug Hill?

    Anyhow, I will be trying to squeeze in one more trip this yea, providing I can get the shocks fixed quickly. Anybody want to go?
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