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  • **sledfreak Member Bio---alia Brown

    here is Alia's story......

    Born 2/16/1977 at the tail end of the big Blizzard of 1977… So I automatically LOVE snow!! My first riding experiences were at the ripe ol age of 7 at my Dad’s house where he would make a path around the house for me, and I would ride for hours on his 1973 Ski Doo T-N-T, well until I would get off the path and he would have to come to get me unstuck.

    Starting at age 12. I was considered responsible enough to ride without parents after successfully passing New York State’s mandatory Snowmobile Safety Course. I scored a 100 on the exam and was given my Grandfathers 1972 Ski-Doo Olympic. From that point on I’d try to ride at least 2-3 times a week. Either the Olympic or Dads 1973 Ski Doo T-N-T.

    I began to show great interest in the sport and was given a 1985 Yamaha Phazer. In both ’89 & ‘90 I rode as a trail steward for the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. In 1990, at the age of 12 I rode about 1,600 miles. Then, with over 4,500 miles on the Phazer’s odometer the sled was swapped for a 1991 Phazer. During the 1991- 1992 seasons I increased the mileage to about 3,500. From February till the seasons end I rode an additional 2,000 miles. In the 1993-1993 season I had my first new sled; a 1993 Polaris Indy 500 EFI. For 2 seasons this sled averaged over 5K/season, and this is where I began to get into racing.

    In 1993 I participated in Snowmobile grass drags. I finished 3rd, racing against men in the 440 stock class. The following winter I participated in my first ice races in Long Lake NY. At age 16 I participated in my first RMR SnoCross at Flat Rock Inn with my Indy 500 (placed 3rd). I moonlighted with a few other RMR Races the next few seasons, consistently placing in the top 3 in Women’s 440 and 600 classes. Age 18, I acquired a Polaris 600 XCR, did some more racing with this sled and still averaged over 3k/Miles/season. I began to use friends SnoPro at this point, and got the bug to get more into SnoCross. After submitting my Race Resume, I became Sponsored by Team Arctic and raced my first SnoPro (’99) in both the CSRA (Canadian SnoCross Racing Association) and ASRA (American SnoCross Racing Association) circuits. After Placing Consistently in the top 3 in the Pro Women’s division, I received the year end points 2nd place award for ASRA in two consistent seasons, and 3rd Place in Year end Points in CSRA for the same season. I excelled in the yearly Cross-Country race as part of the race circuit and won the women’s division for each year attended.

    During this period I was enrolled full time at Rochester Institute of Technology and maintaining honors in the Management Info. Systems program while working part time. I was no longer living near the Tug Hill, plateau and thus my yearly trail riding mileage had dropped significantly.

    At Age 21 I was invited to 1st Indoor snocross - one of 5 women in USA & Canada. I placed 2, and then the following year I placed 3rd. This was an amazing opportunity and a significant challenge racing against my peers. Age 23 I started feeling satisfied with my accomplishments in SnoCross and began to miss the Tug Hill trails. I traded in my ’01 SnoPro for a 500 ZR Cross-Country. I still participated in SnoCross, but to a much lesser extent, contented by the fact I still remained competitive with the ‘regulars’.

    By Age 26 I stepped out of SnoCross and moved from chasing the checkered flag to riding for a cause. My mom had been diagnosed in 1998 with Breast Cancer, a diagnosis that shook my world. I discovered snowmobiling and Breast Cancer fundraising could be done hand and hand when I found Kelly Shires Snow Run for Fun. I was then recruited as their “hooter Hauler” lead rider, given my aggressive, yet accomplished riding resume. I headed up to Bala, Ontario to meet Kelly Shires and the Snow Run crew and rode in Canada for my first time in 2002. In 2004 my resume was sent to Polaris to be selected as a participant in the International WOW relay - a relay across the US and Canada, to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Along with 2 others I rode from Poultney, Vermont to the north eastern PA border. Four days of riding over 150 miles a day. In 2005 I bought a 2003 Rev 600 X and then Co-founded the first annual Tug Hill Snow Run in Kelly Shires Memory and continue to ride as often as possible.

    I currently work at Xerox in Webster, supporting the Operations Manager in the Engineering Center but am undergoing a job search, as it looks like I will have to leave this job in June at the end of my contract. I would love to get into some snowmobile related or even sales/fundraising. I know that is a sport that I am very tied to.

    Outside of work, and outside of my helmet, I treasure my family, a wonderful boyfriend and my two non-Arctic cats. I am almost as enthusiastic about cooking as I am about riding. I enjoy creating and being creative. I have learned to knit in the last few months and also have done some quilting. A goal, I have for the summer, however, is to learn to play the bass guitar. I have strong ties to nice bluesy rock… and I do have a ‘helmet’ play list on my iPOD… God, I wish I had that back in my race days.
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    indoor race.......
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      first ride...........
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        great story....and trasher/freak 2006 voted best rider!!!


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          Originally posted by joeee
          OK so can you get nekid now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!boyfriend where was he?
          I'm still kinda new here, but I see a pattern!!
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            Ok I'm in Love, If she only rode a Cat Now.
            Click image for larger version

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              The group met and rode with ALIA on thursday last week-----WOW wut a cutie,she claims to be shy but not shy about beating the boys ---we had a long days ride and a few drinks at the end of the night,she is an awesome young lady who likes to do charity work for a good cause,and as if the FREAKERS did not cause enough of a stir on the hill that pink bra that she attachs to her windshield draws just a bit of attention,most of the riders coming the opposite way down the trails forgot to signal---instead pointed at the lingerie.
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                "squeeze throttle, release tension"

                That's just kinda how I see it. I love the freedom, I like to go fast, and I enjoyed riding with the FREAKS!!
                - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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                  Try backing off the throttle once in a while so the boys can catch up!!!!!!!!!!we dont like to be made monkeys of----hehehe


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                    Alia, it was a pleasure riding with you. Hope we can do it again soon. If not, maybe you'll want to try your luck at the H20X races in june/july/aug @ Flatrock Inn. Ive got a sweet ride for ya.I know your not throttle shy by no means!!! Think about it and let me know.
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                      Originally posted by snopro
                      Ok - I had to do something about that picture.... I was kind of caught off guard there. Honestly, I really am sober!! ...

                      Hey Joee, askin' me to let off the throttle a little bit is like, um, wishing for rain in the middle of a good day of riding. I just wont do it! (but I dont do it to make anyone feel bad either.. I just like to go fast. )
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                        Originally posted by snopro
                        here is Alia's story......

                        Born 2/16/1977.....
                        Exactly 10 years to the day after I was hatched. Great day to have a B.Day.
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                          great story, wish my life story so far would be similar when it comes to sledding!!! keep riding hard


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                            GREAT story and bio Alia !!!!
                   go girl !!!
                            It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!


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                              Trail Pic

                              Nope, Trans Quebec Trail #63 Facing West towards Mont-Laurier. Devils Mountain Region. Did 2 trips there this year, awesome riding. Averaged 175 miles per day. 1600 miles total. What a Blast. That is an old railroad bed which goes on for miles. They say it goes from one end of Canada to the other.. Not sure if thats true, But love try it someday. Saw "Z" today, He was talking about your ride together. Saw your Bio, No wonder why he couldnt keep up. Did some Sno-X too, Kudos to you. Thats tough. Liked the Hill Cross the best.. Did pretty well too. Just stopped the last couple years. They are making those jumps now for the insane. Anyway, nice to see good people in this sport giving back like you. Keep up the good riding.