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It's DEEP out here

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  • It's DEEP out here

    You guys really need to come out West this year.
    over 9 feet at the parking lot where I ride at 6,100 feet elevation and over 15 - 18 feet where we get up high.

    And what's the point of this thread? Nothing really, just rubbing it in a little.
    Let's Ride Idaho

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    i want pictures already!!!! and plane tickets wouldnt hurt either


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      I'll be heading out west on Tuesday. I can't wait!!!! I was reading that between yesterday and today, Centennial, Wyoming was going to get 20". Wahoo!!! The place I am renting my sled has 9ft in their parking lot.

      Considering I have only 170 miles this year I am very excited to get out there. Pics will be posted when I get back.


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        GSX girl do you have deep snow experience,I understand that a 30 -40 mile day there is very tiring.


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          No real deep powder experience. I plan to get stuck a lot - luckilly there is a group of about 10 of us to help dig out. My brother goes out there a few times a year - since he lives in Nebraska its about an 8 hour drive for him and he has been giving tips every time I talk to him. Plus - the first day we will be trail riding since my nieces (8 and 5) will be with us. The 2nd day is back mountain stuff. I know what I'm up against, but I'm ready for the challenge. The third day is a poker run so that should be about 100 miles or so. I'm actually attending the Nebraska State Snowmobile Association - State Ride. So there are a bunch of events and stuff planned. It will be fun. I'll try to recruit some "corn cobbers" for the site too!


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            sounds like a grand time im jealous.