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  • What happens on the Hill if . . .

    the snow returns in April? When do the trails technically close? I'm guessing there won't be a trace of snow after the next few days. Although some snow may arrive next week. What happens when it all disappears this year, then a late storm dumps some serious snow? Does that ever happen? Do the clubs groom at all if it does? I never really paid attention to conditions up there in previous years after my only ride of the year.
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    You can ride the seasonal roads anytime.


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      late season snowfall

      I would guess that most clubs WILL NOT groom after April 1st, no matter where they are located. The official Parks & Rec. season ends on March 31st annd since the money has already been spent on enough fuel this year by Tug Hill clubs, I'd think they would sit back and wait for the season to start again next year. Any other thoughts that are realistic?


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        we cant get snow when were suppose to let alone in april but hey if there is snow ride it in the early 90's there was 12 inches here in may buy it only lasted one day!!!!
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          Back in 2001 (I think, maybe 2002) I rode the hill in plenty of snow and about 55 degrees out on April 27th. What a great day.