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Red Bull Fuel And Fury Coming April 8-15

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  • Red Bull Fuel And Fury Coming April 8-15


    Returns to its Roots (and Snow) in Alaska Backcountry, April 8-15, 2006

    Santa Monica, Calif. (March 13, 2006) – In search of snow, the next edition of the Red Bull Fuel + Fury freestyle snowmobiling competition invades the Alaskan backcountry near Girdwood, Alaska, April 8-15, 2006. After a two-year urban assault atop dirt and woodchips on the historic grounds of the abandoned Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, Wis., the 2006 event returns to its natural habitat – with a new twist.

    Always pushing the sport of freestyle snowmobiling, the 2006 Red Bull Fuel + Fury will feature up to sixteen of the world’s best backcountry riders, who will select and team up with the industry’s top videographers. Together, they will take part in the seven-day filming competition featuring Alyeska Ski Resort as home base and the ChugachRange, which gets more annual snowfall (600+ inches) than anywhere else on earth, as their playground. In addition to the new location, the public will have the final say in who will take home a share of the $20,000 purse.

    “I’m really looking forward to returning to the roots of snowmobiling and letting the public have a say,” said 2003 Red Bull Fuel + Fury winner Jay Quinlan, who grew up in the 49th state. “The backcountry is where the sport was created. Riding on natural terrain lets you really express your own style, and the video element will allow us to put a broader range of things in our segments.”


    Each rider-videographer team will create a two-to-four minute segment of video footage that will make up their “run” in the competition, replacing the standard two-minute run in a stadium-style contest. Each rider will select his own videographer from such notable snowmobile filmmakers as Slednecks, Rath Films, Turnagain Hardcore Productions and Frontier Films. Riders are also free to select other independent producers of their choice.

    The first six days (Saturday, April 8 – Thursday, April 13) will be spent riding the backcountry, with cameramen on-hand capturing the action. On Friday, April 14, the final day of competition, riders will tackle a natural terrain park on Glacier Bowl atop Alyeska Ski Resort. This competition will be a jam-session style format that is open to the public, providing riders one last chance to capture solid tricks on film. All of the finished segments will be due at 11:59 p.m. on Friday. Entries will be digitized and posted online for one day of judging on Saturday, April 15.

    Voting: YOU be the Judge!

    The entire snowmobile community will determine the competition’s winner. By logging onto throughout the day on Saturday, April 15, the public will be able to view each rider’s segment and cast their e-ballot for their favorite.

    Viewing/voting parties will take place at Polaris dealers or local snowmobile clubs throughout the lower 48 states. The remaining votes will come from the attendees at the Red Bull Fuel + Fury viewing party on Saturday, April 15 in Anchorage, at the historic 4th Avenue Theater, from 7:00 p.m. - midnight. At the end of the night, all votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced.

    The industry’s best pilots

    A field of 16 riders, including eight representing Alaska, has been invited to compete:

    · Kyle Armbrust (Anchorage, AK)

    · Jimmy Blaze (Anchorage, AK)

    · Cody Borchers (British Columbia, CAN)

    · Chris Burandt (Kremmling, CO) - 2005 winner

    · Sam Carver (Valdez, AK)

    · Dane Ferguson (Anchorage, AK)

    · Tommy Frankson (Anchorage, AK)

    · Heath Frisby (Caldwell, ID)

    · Kourtney Hungerford (West Yellowstone, MT)

    · Geoff Kyle (British Columbia, CAN)

    · Ross Mercer (Whitehorse, Yukon, CAN)

    · Jay Quinlan (Breckenridge, CO) - 2003 winner

    · Dan Phillips (Glenallen, AK)

    · Jason Semler (Anchorage, AK)

    · Randy Sherman (Anchorage, AK)

    · Christoph Von Alvensleben (Anchorage, AK)


    Lee Stuart (Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN)

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    Pick The Winner......get A Free Sledfreak Sticker!!!!


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      I pick Jay Quinlan


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        I'll take Geoff Kyle - because he has 2 first names!


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          Ross Mercer


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            Jimmy Blaze...........


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              Kourtney Hungerford
              It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!


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                All The Way

                Chris Burandt
                FULL Throttle till you see god-- then Brake!

                Member --All-In Snow Mob
                Rot's Posse


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                  Dane Fergusin
                  Sponsered by Ingles Perfomance , Elite Motorsports , Northern Synlube, Amsoil, High Performance Engineering


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                    get your votes in TODAY!!!!


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                      I Think It Will Be Dane Furgeson
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                        this is EASY!!!!

                        JAY QUINLAN


                        these dudes are the best!

                        STYRIA, Austria (February 11, 2006) -- On Saturday, February 11, the famous Erzberg was the scene of the simply and succinctly named Red Bull Sled Scramble, a battle between men (44 riders from 5 countries), machines and huge masses of snow. The majority of the motorized cowboys were still fighting their way through the terrain as a frozen Jay Quinlan crossed the finish line first, followed by Austrian Harald Bacher and Colorado’s Chris Burandt.

                        The riders from the United States, Canada, Slovenia, Austria and Germany sat around at the riders’ meeting relaxed, motivated – and underestimating the course. That state of mind changed quickly in the Sled Scramble’s practice round and the prologue, which determined the starting lineup for the race. Individually, one starter each minute, they reached speeds up to 160 kph (99 mph) on the 3 km (1.86 mile) course, determined the fastest qualifying times.


                        The favorites who started out first, among them Americans Jay Quinlan, Chris Burandt, Heath Frisby and Justin Hoyer and Canadian Ross Mercer, got a nasty surprise and fell victim to their sleds’ bad setup. The operative word was “overheating” and relegated them to the five slots at the back of the starting lineup, which was led by an Austrian, national champion Harald Bacher from Salzburg who clocked the fastest time. Former professional snowboarder and sled expert Martin Freinademetz also started from the front row, in 7th place.

                        LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE

                        In a few seconds, seven carefully ordered starting rows were transformed into a hopeless tangle. Roaring engines and whipped-up masses of snow were quickly followed by the first tumbles, bumps and drop-outs. At the end of the first of three circuits of the course, it was obvious that revenge was on the cards. The aggressive Americans overtook everything in sight on their way to the front. Only Harald Bacher from Mühlbach kept his nerve and his position at the top of the leaderboard and finished the race as runner-up. “It was a very difficult drive and a wild battle for second place,” said an ecstatic Bacher after his work was done.

                        Jay Quinlan won the Sled Scramble title despite a less-than-conventional performance. The 26-year-old from Colorado via Alaska missed a turn, got stuck in the snow and lost time. “It was totally crazy. This is an incredible success considering all the snags I hit,” said a jubilant Quinlan.

                        RED BULL SLED SCRAMBLE TOP-THREE

                        1. Jay Quinlan (USA) 35 minutes 41.42 seconds
                        2. Harald Bacher (AUT) 36 minutes 24.07 seconds
                        3. Chris Burandt (USA) 36 minutes 46.21 seconds
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                          ......... jay quinlan

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                            Hey SnoPro I picked correctly!
                            I would like my free freak stuff, please!


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                              susie..those results are from FEB!!!
                              good try!!