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Attack on snowmobiling for breast cancer

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  • Attack on snowmobiling for breast cancer

    So - A little frustrating email showed up in my inbox. I am going to let off some steam before I respond. Wanted to see what feedback ya all have on this. Thanks!!

    Half of me says I to blow it off - and not engague with this jerk-O** because there is no way to reason... but part wants to shake him

    Ms. Brown:

    Greetings from Rochester. First, let me thank you for your concern and action on breast cancer. I lost my godmother at 47 to the disease, and, like many, know many touched in some way by it.

    I write to express my concern about your method for raising funds for breast cancer research. The pollution from snowmobiling is a serious problem, and studies, including the one hyper-linked below, shows a link between the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released in emissions from vehicles like snowmobiles, and breast (and other) cancer.

    I have also included a link to a Sierra Club study on pollution from snowmobiles.

    While I believe your concern about breast cancer to be genuine, and your action to raise funds for it commendable, I believe there's a serious irony in riding snowmobiles 100 miles to raise money to eradicate something that snowmobiling might very well cause.

    I admit that the evidence is not entirely conclusive about the links, but I think the precautionary principle applies here! Maybe next year you can do cross-country skiing instead of snowmobiling!!!

    Thanks for your time. Below, the links:

    Breast-Cancer Risk Linked to Exposure to Traffic Emissions at Menarche, First Birth

    Dirty Engines Ruin All the Fun
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    if it weren't for trucks,cars,trains america wouldn't have been born!!


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      holy crap O. you have to be kidding me. god, i hate tree huggers. tell her to get over it you raised over 6k buckaroos, you can ride what you want as far as i'm concerned!


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        I would ignore him. No good would come from responding to him, so you're better off ignoring him. There will always be people trying to ruin a good thing so don't give him the satisfaction.


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          These enviromentalist wacko types are a real pain in the a##!!!!!!!! Why do they always have to try to impose their unfounded ideas on the rest of us? These people need to be watched because they are the ones trying to ruin our sport as well as anything that deem to be detrimental to mother earth as they would say. They must be a bunch of misereable people if all that gets them off is trying to ruin other peoples days. These people can come up with an excuse to stop people from farting if it will suit their needs. We all need to be more aware of lunatics like this because they are trying to ruin our way of life.

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            "I admit that the evidence is not entirely conclusive"......I think that say's it all. If its not conclusive, why even bring it up!! I think that I would respond in a nice manor, and say something like, I respect your point of view (even though I do not agree), but it is only your's and maybe a few others opinions. As you stated it is not entirely conclusive......ect....ect...ect...

            Always try to stay above someone who tries to put you down. Do not stoop to their levels.


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              Ignore it.
              Anything you post back to this person will probably be used against our sport 1 way or another.
              I guess if you used a cross country skiing event to raise money , the folks who showed up should have walked to the event.and not used any fossil fuels that create hydocarbons and the groomer thats make the nice skinny trails for the 2 plankers runs on steam. Oh damn,ya gotta burn wood to create steam and thats a no no too.
              Good job DIVA , everyone here is proud of you. you deserve many many thanks from all.
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                Ignore them...they want a battle..F_ck the hugger...

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                Sometimes, it is OK for things to be less than OK. We have, in our minds, an unrealistic expectation.
                We think everything ought to be perfect. If it isn't, we figure we must be doing something wrong.
                But we live on a planet where nothing is without fault. Nothing.... and nobody !
                What counts, in the end, is not how you manage to make things right.
                It's how you manage to live with the fact that some things will always be a bit wrong.


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                  DIVA hold your head high-you are doing a great job for a good cause!!! no matter what you do you will not change this a-holes mind or opinion!!! there will always be jerks in the world!!!Keep doing what you are doing!!!
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                    Originally posted by Phil
                    Ignore them...they want a battle..F_ck the hugger...

                    wooohoooo. phil knows what's best. if you dont like em at least ya can F*ck 'em


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                      Hoffa needs company under the goal post.


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                        The money we raised is not for research, it is raised to assist and to educate people... because lots of people dont have insurance or have poor insurance and cant afford the out of pocket costs associated with such a diagnosis. The arm bands, for example, that are used when somone has had lymph nodes removed from the under arm area, are not covered by insurance and are expensive!!

                        I am motivated to use something I am well-versed in to try and make a difference in the life of a breast cancer patient. I see his point - but think he is barking up the wrong tree (no pun intended).

                        I'm definitely not going to loose sleep over somone elses sheltered lack of understanding. If the data he presented came from at least the ACS rather than Sierra (not that i have anything against Sierra) I would feel that it was not so one sided.

                        The truth is we dont know any one specific cause!

                        I appreciate everyones feedback here.
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                          just let her know you will take her idea into consideration and ask if you can sign her up to organize the event. The way i look at if she has all that time to write you than she should have all sorts of time to organize a cross country ski event to help your cause. hey she started it
                          put your ass on the ice,turn left and hope for the best!!!


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                            I'm gonna keep my keen feelers out there for this poor sap. Maybe they will show their face somewhere somehow, and then we'll pounce on them. I'd love to run my 153 woodys with double and single backers up and down their backs a few times.
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                              Rota has some good advice.

                              Ignore her. pretend you did not get the note from her. You will give her no satisfaction in getting a response. How much money has she raised?