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    I am thinking about buying an inline trailer, anybody have experience with Thule? I have a big Featherlite and am very happy with the quality, but it was a bit pricey. Im looking for near the same quality at a more reasonable price in a smaller inline trailer. Im not happy with the clamshell trailer I bought for several reasons. Triton or Blizzard is also possible...need feedback on brands, quality, value and durability please.

    Thanks in advance, Nitrofish

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    we absolutely love our blizzard trailer. it is an open trailer but we are very pleased with the strength of it (wishbone tongue) and the whole quality of the frame. also, the PRICE was RIGHT!!!!!!


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      I have a 7x27 American hauler i love it and the price was cheap it costed me 6100.00 brand new staight from the factory and they are very easy on any issues that come up.


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        I have a 2001 Bearcat IN-186, 3 place trailer, 7x23. I have been very happy with it. What I don't like about it, is that being an inline, the deck of the trailer is closer to the ground since the deck is in between the wheels, which makes it tough to back up my driveway (fairly steep) without scaping. But that is not a manufacturing problem, thats my driveway. This trailer only weighs 1900lbs empty and tows great fully loaded. I have always been able to comfortably run 75MPH on the thruway in either truck; I have towed with a Tahoe and 2500HD, and either truck was fine. With the 75" height, it does have big sides which will catch the air on windy days, but you just might have to put 2 hands on the wheel is all. Quality is good, although just noticed the welds where the springs are attached on the bottom for front and back door are starting to crack, will have to touch them up. Still running original tires AND brearings! Had to replace all (4) marker lights on the front and rear of the fenders as the wires seem to corrode and break off. I would think they could have been sealed better or something, which may have been changed since 2001. The wire runs inside the fender and plugs into the back of the light, that is mounted to a grounded to the fender. Those tires throw a lot of salt, sand, and water on that connection. I would also add a fuel door between the man door and the back, as you can not reach the sled all the way in the back through the man door. Have pictues if you want.

        Bearcat's Inline-186. This All-Aluminum Aerodynamic design provides versatility for hauling multiple snowmobiles or other types of cargo. The narrow streamline design is ideal for towing with most Sport Utility Vehicles, Vans or Standard pickups. The easy to use Ramp Doors make loading and unloading a snap. The interior has plenty of headroom and durable 7-ply decking. Tie-down bars and storage space for plenty of gear are standard. Exterior stone guard and all-aluminum skin with a seamless roof provide years of worry free operation. Many options available to fit your exact requirements.

        23' long x 84" wide x 75" high, ramp door loading
        GVWR: 4500lb.
        Capacity: 3 snowmobiles or 2600lb.
        14" tires
        Double axle
        2" ball

        Front Dolly Jack
        Front Ramp Door
        Rear Ramp Door
        Brake Axle (elec./hyd.)
        Stone Guard
        Side entrance door

        Spare tire
        Tire Upgrade
        Stabilizer Jacks
        Floor D-rings
        Gas Fill Doors
        Roof vent
        Overhead door spring assist


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          I would also add the channel in the floor for tying down as opposed to the threaded holes I currently have. I paid $4000 for this trailer when it was 2 years old.

          You should also try to contact "PRO1" on this site, as he is a trailer manufactuer.
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            Fish send me pics. of your Featherlite.
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