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  • SledFreak get together !!

    I was going to post something about this a few days ago but ran out of time. I see someone posted about it in the racing forum so let's get this out in the open, see what everyone thinks and wants to do .......

    I was thinking ( dangerous, very dangerous !! ) that with so many folks here from NY state and PA that it would be cool and tons of fun to have a summertime Sledfreak bash. Get together, meet each other,(ones that haven't) have some laughs, "maybe" a few cocktails and encircle it around something we all love....Snowmobiles.

    Since we already have 3-4-5 racers here I was thinking the ........
    The Snowmobile Watercross races at Flat Rock in Lowville, Tug Hill NY.
    They do them 3 times during the summer....
    June 10-11
    July 8-9
    August 12-13
    I'm partial to the August races cause thats about the only time I can go, and it's the last race of the year "The Championship" so to speak.
    Also doing August would give everyone plenty of time to mark their calendars and plan for it.
    We could get a "compound" there w/ all Freaks camping in the same area, get the banner we had at The Pine Tree for the Trash ride and have a grand ole' time.
    It is primitive camping w/ water only available coming from Y'd out spickets placed through out the area around the pond. (more so for using for cooking, showering, don't think I'd drink it). Campers, tents or lawnchairs....Also there are rooms available At Flat Rock and I see he has a house to rent.
    The races run Saturday and Sunday from about 9am-4pm w/ the sled jumping highlighting the end of the day.
    There is a DJ at the bar on Friday night and a band on saturday night.
    Chicken BBQ available both days, along w/ grub from the bar and I think there is a food stand also ???
    You can bring ATV's, pets, fireworks (with in reason), motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, kids, grandma's....
    Be a good place to set up a SledFreak stand w/ clothing, and push the website. Could even get the girls (and guys ) to be cheerleaders at the edge of pond for the FREAK racers !!!!

    This was just a thought I had.......
    There was what Cody mentioned of finding somewhere to go also w/ a lake ???or just somewhere to get together....
    Golf course sounds like a hoot to camp at all weekend too !!!

    Ok ya FREAKS.... throw out your ideas, what you'd like to do (if anything), where, when, whatever.....

    PS...Wasn't sure where to put this, it's snowmobile related but move to the BS forum if you want
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    I would be up for the August thing centered around the race a Flatrock. Me and the family are usually up in Brantingham that weekend anyway, so getting together with some freaks would just add to the weekend.
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      Awesome idea. I can do either July or August, maybe June. I say we should go with this and see who all will attend and such....


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        All sounds good to me. I am planning to go to the water races anyways.

        LET'S PARTY!


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          sledfreak get together

          I can tell you that Rota, & I will be there anyways to race, you will meet a ton of great racers who party just as hard as they race, there has even been a yacking yetti sighting when the moon is right.....(Dont ask) August race has the best crowd, so dont plan on much sleep, the beverages dont usually stop flowing until about 4:00am, then registration starts at 8:00am....
          I hope this thing flies I would love to meet you guys & gals in person, just think Sled Freak gear everywhere........
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            Originally posted by SuzieDoo
            All sounds good to me. I am planning to go to the water races anyways.

            LET'S PARTY!
            Suzie you will never show..


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              I would like to be there. Think of me while you guys are parting.
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                I love it!!!!!!!!!!
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                  I'll definately be there, especially considering I live bout 10 minutes from Flat Rock and have a camp just up the road. It's always a good time up there.
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                    I would love to attend!
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                      Count me in for doing something at the flatrock, I'll be there racing anyway and would just make weekend out of it.

                      If we decide to do something else, any lakes would be a good idea. I have a jetski and a 14ft 90hp Jetboat I would be willing to bring out for some fun.


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                        Originally posted by f7green
                        Suzie you will never show..

                        I came out to party last weekend. Where were you F7????????????????


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                          Suzie will be there, I am making her come with me!!!LOL!!!


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                            The slowguy wiull attend fer sher.... !!
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                              Originally posted by revie
                              Suzie will be there, I am making her come with me!!!LOL!!!
                              That sounds like FUN..... How many cans will you have up there????????????????