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The Snowmobile Industry????

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  • The Snowmobile Industry????

    wow...what a tough 2 seasons for sled dealers and people trying to get rid of sleds....It looks like the used sled market is LOADED with sleds...and the prices of those used sleds will be going much lower then expected!.
    with the OVER saturation of used and new sleds(05-06) will be really hard for people to get out of that used sled for the price they want.
    meaning..ITS A BUYERS MARKET!!!..
    there are some GREAT steals out have to look about a 04 F6 with 177 miles for ???$4200??? IS THAT SICK???
    will it rebound...trying to sell a used sled now is VERY HARD without snow...
    DAMN...what a mess we are all in!

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    They're are a few sleds locally that people are practically giving away


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      Yes I just took advantage of "the buyer's market" and bought a 2005 Yamaha rx Warrior with 332 miles on it for $5000.