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    I just thought you guys could tell your first expeirence riding snowmobiles. My first time was kind of funny. We take off up the mountain and on the way up i loose my windshield bag. So i tell my dad and friends ill be right back. On my way down I fliped my snowmobile. Some guy helped me flip it back over, then i grabed my bag and started heading back up. I took the wrong turn and got stuck into some powder. Finaly we got me unstuck and made it to the topo of the mountain. My dad then put his snowmobile into a tree and we had to cut it down. We made it back down saftly but my dad then drove onto someone elses trailer, lol. Well thats i i got addicted to snowmobiling, after that we havent had any major problems
    97 yamaha mountain max 700

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    Sounds like a very interesting day lol.

    My first was about 6-7 years ago I was 6 or 7 lol. And me and my dad rode one of my uncles sled and him and my cuz rode on the other. We rode all over there 12 arces of trails . We rode on the lake we probably rode for 2-3 hours. From then on I was addicted. I loved that day. Then I got my first sled when I was 9 well it was my dads and we rode. The rest is history.
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