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Permits For Town Of Webb-inlet

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  • Permits For Town Of Webb-inlet

    Town Of Inlet / Town Of Webb Trail Permits are on sale at the pre season rate
    $65.00 Per Sled
    This is our information about " The trails Just in The Town Of Inlet", Old Forge is Not included, they also have a varied Trail System. We share the permit system One permit is good for both.
    Snowmobile Trails In Inlet, Share Our Good Nature:

    The Town of Inlet snowmobile trail system exists within the West Central Adirondacks in Hamilton County. The Town of Inlet has been grooming and maintaining snowmobile trails for over 30 years. Our trail system is groomed daily & Nightly and are off of the lakes. The trails vary from old logging roads that have been re-graded and cut back for snowmobile use, as well as summer seasonal roads in wilderness camping areas that allow no winter car travel. The maintenance of our trail systems are done by paid Parks Department employees from the Town of Inlet. These professionals, using specially designed world-class grooming equipment, keep the trails in top riding condition. With Mother Nature providing natural lake effect snow, our trails are some of the best in the world. Riders can vary their trips from a short hop to a restaurant or hotel, to a 30-mile ride through wilderness areas without seeing a single manmade structure. Parking for day trip riders can be found for free at the New York State boat launch on Fourth Lake in Inlet, the Inlet Town Hall Municipal parking lot and The Ole Barn parking lot. For our riders looking for that perfect week away we offer many varied forms of accommodation. There is gas, food and lodging located all along the trail system. Our comforts are set up with winter travel and snowmobile trail ease in mind. To ride the Town of Inlet and Town of Webb trail system you must have a permit for each sled. Permit rates are $65.00 Preseason, $80.00 Seasonal, $45.00 Weekly per snowmobile or $50.00 for week days only all season. All riders must have a valid NYS registration and liability insurance.
    Town of Inlet
    Information & Tourism
    160 State Rt. 28
    Box 266 Inlet, NY 13360
    315-357-5501 Fax 315-357-3570 [email protected]

    What to do when riding the Inlet Snowmobile trail system?
    1. Ride into the Moose River Plains & feed the Deer at The Big T.
    2. Take a peaceful ride to the Red River and have a picnic.
    3. Get on and off the trail easily from every Accommodation and Eatery.
    4. Enjoy the flat, groomed, wide and well marked trail system.
    5. Experience a spectacular natural Adirondack splendor.

    The Inlet Trail System can be accessed from:
    1. Eagle Bay at the corner of the Uncas Rd. and Rt. 28
    2. From Old Forge Trail 5, or South Shore Rd.
    3. Raquette Lake Trails via the Uncas Rd.
    4. The DEC. Wild Forest Area (Moose River Recreation Area), & Trail System out of the Town of Indian Lake Village through the Cedar River Gate.
    5. The Motels, Rental Cottages & Restaurants in the Town of Inlet.

    Our Inlet Snow Maintenance equipment ends grooming at a point called Silver Run, 14 miles from the Inlet Entrance to the Moose River Plains.

    The actual miles in the Trail System are 48 Miles
    One way Measurement On Trail, No County Roads Measured

    Grooming results from 2000-2001 Season
    4,767.8 Miles groomed by operators and equipment
    Grooming results from 2001-2002 Season
    3,988.4 Miles groomed by operators and equipment

    In 2003-2005 We groomed Half our Miles at Night to set trail Better

    Grooming results from 2003-2004

    4,895.6 Miles groomed by operators and equipment
    Grooming results from 2004-2005 Season

    3,112.2 Miles groomed by operators and equipment (Low Snow Year)

    Our Trial System offers a wide range of riding. We designate trails by their width.

    Trail Type:
    #1 12 Foot width, 10 miles of trail on the system are 12-foot width.
    #2 16 Foot width, 10 miles of trail are 16 foot in width.
    #3 20 Foot width, 28 Miles of our trail System are 20-foot width
    Vista Type Key
    a. Hardwood New Growth
    b. Hardwood Old Growth
    c. Fir Trees New Growth
    d. Fir Trees Old Growth
    e. River valley
    f. Lake View
    g. Flat Brush Plains
    h. Wilderness Area
    i. Private Land
    j. State Land
    k. 18 feet off NYS Road Shoulder 18 feet wide
    Accommodation Type Key
    I. Gas
    II. Food
    III. Lodging
    IV. Pub
    V. Gifts

    Using the Free Trail system Map and reading the intersection marker numbers you can plan the ride by the chart.

    Trail Type Miles Vista Accommodation
    Eagle Bay to Inlet 2 2.3 k f I II III V
    Gilbert Rd to 12 2 .2 a b i
    Village to Gilbert rd. 1 .3 k I III
    12 to 13 1 .2 a b d i II III IV
    12 to 11 2 .7 a b c d i I II IV
    13 to 9 1 2 1.2 a b c d e i I II III IV V
    11 ez Mart 1 .6 a b c d i k I II V
    7 to 5 3 .9 a b c i II IV
    9 to 5 3 .8 a b c d i
    11 to 10 1 .6 a b i I II IV
    10 to 9 3 .8 a b c i
    10 to 4 3 .4 a b i
    4 to 3 3 .6 a b c i
    4 to 6 2 .2 a b c i
    6 to 5 3 .8 a b c d i
    3 to 2 3 .7 a b c d h i j
    2 to 1 Red Dog Trail 1 2 5.1 a b c d e I j II IV
    3 To Moose River Plains 1 Lower Trail .6 a b c d h i j
    6 To Moose River Plains 1Lower Trail .5 a b c d h i j
    Mile 1 to Limekiln Gate 3 1.0 a b c d h j
    Mile Marker 1 to Red river 3 3.4 a b c d e g h j
    Red River to Rock Dam 3 5.0 a b c d e g h j
    Red River to the Big T 3 3.5 a b c d e g h j
    Red River Loop 2 1.4 a b c d h j
    Big T to The Otter Bridge 3 4.3 a b c d e h j
    Moose river to Beaver Lake 1 2.0 a b c d e f h j
    Big T to Silver run 3 5.8 a b c d g h j

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