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    XCTRICIA is considering coming but would like to share a room with a "lady" ---any takers,also CAT ADDICT aka (CATWOMEN) and hubby are very close to saying yes ---this is major for them as they havent been around much since they have been pumping out yougins,no word from TS or ARCTIC ED as of yet, also Candys e-mail ADDY is no longer
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    Update on my end ....
    Brother is coming for sure. Cornered him this weekend and told him enough was enough, been 2 yrs w/ no Tug trip and it is TIME ! We'll be landing at the Edge between 6-9pm Thursday night. Have two other friends who are already going to be at the Edge Tuesday-Friday. They are going to stay now till Sunday. They called saturday to book 2 x-tra nights and the place is full, even their Jacuzzi suite is booked. Bro and I are gonna bunk w/ them thursday night and then they'll switch over w/ us Friday morn. Other brother might come but to early for him to commit....I might end up on the couch in front of the fireplace !!!!

    Add to the line up ....04' Rev 6, 06' Crossfire 7 and 06' Sabercat 6
    It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!


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      We will have room for you Deb...
      2017 Ski Doo Renegade X 1200 ORANGE


      Sometimes, it is OK for things to be less than OK. We have, in our minds, an unrealistic expectation.
      We think everything ought to be perfect. If it isn't, we figure we must be doing something wrong.
      But we live on a planet where nothing is without fault. Nothing.... and nobody !
      What counts, in the end, is not how you manage to make things right.
      It's how you manage to live with the fact that some things will always be a bit wrong.


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        WOW XCGIRLS family are closet cat addicts.


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          Negative Joeee.....
          The Rev is my brothers, and the Cats are the friends of ours(married couple). He's a X riding goomba of mine and the bro's that went and got hitched, so our time spent on the "trails" together is limited now. He's one of the clowns that I always went to Fort Geronimo with.
          It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!


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            Can I go???? I wil be up to Brantingham all winter with my Dad>.


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              Little Joe, If a guardian or parent is coming I would assume it would be ok but we ride all day long.