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I think SCORES banned me (war starts now)

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  • I think SCORES banned me (war starts now)

    GO figure after years of faithful service I had to re-register over there but as of yet I cant post(awaiting e-mail confirmation),can someone let those new girls know about the trasher ride.
    Last edited by joeee; 11-14-2005, 07:51 AM.

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    Candy is real the others i am not sure about.


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      Their pix are just from a web site...doubt they are real...
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      Sometimes, it is OK for things to be less than OK. We have, in our minds, an unrealistic expectation.
      We think everything ought to be perfect. If it isn't, we figure we must be doing something wrong.
      But we live on a planet where nothing is without fault. Nothing.... and nobody !
      What counts, in the end, is not how you manage to make things right.
      It's how you manage to live with the fact that some things will always be a bit wrong.