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  • Is this it?

    Is this the new site to chill at with all the pillars of the sledding community?
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    nice timing..who sent ya
    mo ?curly?or larry?

    welcome'll misfit here fine..
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      This is the site of all sites. Its gonna take time , but we need this site to really rock-n-roll.
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        Oh Yeah...

        We got pillars.
        It's turning out to be an east coast "trasher" board. Basically all the Tug Hill people are here. Then you get a stray dog or two also. (me)


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          Ain't no fun being the pillar, but I sure would enjoy being the gargoyle !!!

          Stay put Slick, makes things interestin'.
          It's fun to have a forum were you know some of the peeps personally, and have rode w/ them (like the SG site) but all n' all I'm a equal opportunity sled forum junkie
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            Please tell me that this site gets better. Sorry, but I'm just used to using a better chatroom then this site has.


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              as your leader snowman the request order is in alredy for a new chat.


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                snowman....this site is much more then forums and chat rooms...this is like a walk in...look around...see something ya like...pick it up...try it out..and move on...sometimes ya come see whats going on and whats new...EXACTLY what are you looking for in a CHAT ROOM..??
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                  did you guys even try the SHOUT BOX below???


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                    Chris: If it is a store where are the dressing rooms? I always hang around the dressing rooms... LOL
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