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    Please if you would not mind,Censor yourself from posting at snow talk,its obvious what he is trying to do since we moved operations over here ,why would he block me and zman from getting on that site-- am I that powerful that I can ruin his empire,phoney girls who dont ride sleds(BULL),normally I could give a sh_t but the Trashers built that site and if it needed re-vamping we could have been notified in advance rather than make us scramble for a place to go. Show some support here as ZMAN has agreed to our demands of helping with arrangements for a welcoming party and gifts for all(friday nite 1/27/06 8pm Edge lobby).------- just my 2 cents joeee
    Anyone in the Tug Hill area that nite is welcomed also,just please leave us a message here if you plan on attending.
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    Dunno !!

    I agree w/you that scores should have made a post about the site being down for revamping.I also agree that (most) of the girls r not real.I will continue to post here till I get banned for bashing Joeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    I have very negative feelings for the high and mighty city man.
    I know his real feeings about this group from the first TS ride in 03.It's amazing how people will run there mouths when they think no one is listening.....I was !!

    Keep it real and I'll be your #1 fan Joe !! MY .02
    L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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      Slowgoer, please explain in greater detail your negative feelings for the "city man", to help me understand.




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        City man = SCORESCASH? Is this correct?
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          I'll post till the wise guys come to break my legs for this !!

          Originally posted by joeee
          City man = SCORESCASH? Is this correct?
          U R correct sir
          L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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            Good luck!!!!!!!!!


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              cant we all just get along...funny how they waited until middle of november to revamp the site...