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Wut oil do you burn?

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  • Wut oil do you burn?

    I have always burned KLOTZ in the past but my supplier is just to far out of the way for me now and his pricing has changed also($23.76 gallon),so this year I went with Amsoil Interceptor. (16 gallon drum for $347 delivered $21.68 per gallon)

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    joeee been using amsoil interceptor for a year...just bought 16 gal it is great no valve sticking they are always clean...
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      At least thats what I ran last year. I usually buy any good quality oil that I can get a good deal on. I ran the Fleet Farm specials in my sleds for years with no trouble too.


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        Amsoil This Season

        Cat Oil In Past


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          Wolfhead oil.....takes the bite outta dirty valves !!!
          Swirl some Amsoil in on occasion.....

          .... You could just pee in it Jow, make sure ya drink lots of Mt dew, make it run lean and fast....then BOOM
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            Amsoil Intercepter and Dominator. Both work great for me.
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              I havent seen WOLF's HEAD oil since I was 17 is that company stll around?,if I remeber right there motor oil was recycled waste oil,or was that Fox Head .


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                I run the cheap INJEX. over 12000 miles each on 2 95 xlt's and over 9000 miles total on 2 02 rmks's 600 and 700. Cleaning valves is a piece of cake.
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                  Wolfshead was available till 4-5 yrs ago, here in NY anyways....ran it in the older field sleds....
                  Been running Amsoil for 4 yrs, no problems.......
                  It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!