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  • Let me introduce myself

    Hello now that my banner ad for AMSOIL is up and running let me introduce myself. My name is Greg Renninger I have been snowmobiling for over 30 years and have been going to the Brantingham area for 16 years. I started advertising on this site because it has alot of good people on it and I think has great potential. Check out my site there is more to it than sled oil,AMSOIL is great for anything that has an engine,cars,trucks,heavy machinery,big diesel trucks,boats,atv,motorcycles the list goes on. If there are any club members looking for a great way to fund raise,AMSOIL has a fundraising program that lets clubs sell AMSOIL and get the profit for the club. If there is anybody that has a question about AMSOIL PM me or my email and phone number is on my site,and if you would like to get AMSOIL at dealer cost I can help you out.


    Greg Renninger
    AMSOIL dealer
    GR synthetics LLC.
    Greg Renninger,AMSOIL synthetics Direct Jobber
    A Sponsor of Sledfreak

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    Hi I am JOEEE its been 8 months since my last sled ride,lets get brapppping.


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      All Of Us Here At And Use Amsoil And Greg's Service Is The Best....have Your Club Contact Him Today..and Get On Baord With Amsoil....