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The HILL (Dec 16-18th)

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  • The HILL (Dec 16-18th)

    I plan on being up there anyone else?

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    If there is snow F7 & I will be there on Sat.
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    Sometimes, it is OK for things to be less than OK. We have, in our minds, an unrealistic expectation.
    We think everything ought to be perfect. If it isn't, we figure we must be doing something wrong.
    But we live on a planet where nothing is without fault. Nothing.... and nobody !
    What counts, in the end, is not how you manage to make things right.
    It's how you manage to live with the fact that some things will always be a bit wrong.


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      If there is snow and the 440 is completed, sure i will b there
      Who's got the badrap!!?!!


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        Me and the wife are planning on being up mid week,she has a Christmas party for her workers on Friday night we have to be at.

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          Originally posted by Phil
          If there is snow F7 & I will be there on Sat.
          Thats a big 10-4 good buddy!


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            as of right now planning to head up on sat the 17th and staying til tuesday....hope the snow holds out...according to guys on there is still a good base and guys have been riding the seasonal roads putting on some good mileage....lets hope it stays


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              That'll be a negative
              It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!