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    1. Heros's,sub's,grinder's are available in 2 footers ----choices are roast beef and Italian combo
    $10.95 each (how many)

    2. pizza $10.00 or pizza and 50 wings $21.95 (which and how many)

    3. baked ziti full tray $32.00

    4. meatballs 50 in a tray $25.00

    5. sausage and peppers full tray $37.00

    6. salads macaroni/potato (price)

    are there enough choices here or do we need more?
    party should calculated for 30-40 people from 6-8pm then we will be treated to a rock band provided by ROTA at the Rivertrail from 8-close
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    NEXIUM and or TUMS
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      I was thinkin maybe

      4 heros
      4 pizzas 100 wings
      1 baked ziti
      macaroni /potato salads

      with tax approx $165.00 divided by 25 paying = $7.00 a head
      sledfreaks is kickin in the liquid refreshments

      we dont have to settle on an exact amt as of yet because I dont know how many will show,I will call for a head count as we get closer
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        I eat like a bird so it doesn't matter to me !! Keep up the good work kids !!
        L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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          so maybe just round it off at $10 per head and give out a few tips to the delivery guy and clean up people?