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9 year old critical after accident/BUFFALO.....

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  • 9 year old critical after accident/BUFFALO.....

    Boy in Critical Condition After Snowmobile Accident
    WIVB TV4 Buffalo

    A child is fighting for his life, and a man faces serious charges in a wintry crash involving a snowmobile in Niagara County. News 4's Melissa Holmes reports.

    That man is facing charges related to the snowmobile accident that has left a nine-year-old boy in critical condition.

    Niagara County Sheriff's investigators say the sled's driver may be charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of a child.

    Niagara County Sheriff's deputies say the man, 24-year-old Carl Stiles called 9-1-1 for help Sunday afternoon after he crashed his snowmobile on Mountain Road in the Town of Royalton.

    Niagara County Sheriff's Captain Steven Preisch said, "Our first patrol car arrived on the scene and met a man on the roadside. He stated that a young boy was seriously injured, was bleeding bad, about a quarter of a mile out into a field."

    The nine-year-old boy was a passenger on Stiles' sled.

    He had been thrown from the snowmobile when it crashed, and rescue crews found him with a serious head injury.

    While they focused their attention on saving the child's life, officials say Stiles took off in a friend's pick-up truck.

    Preisch said, "It was just what I felt was a very cowardly act of the suspect leaving the scene while the young boy was still out in the field."

    Captain Preisch says Stiles may have fled because he was wanted by Lockport police -- there were two warrants out for his arrest for harassment.

    Investigators eventually caught up with Stiles after he was treated for a broken arm at ECMC.

    Preisch said, "We recently located him hiding in what we believe was his sister's residence in the Town of Newfane."

    But even more disturbing to investigators is the fact that the child was not wearing a helmet.

    They believe if he had, he may have avoided such serious injuries.

    Preisch said, "I don't understand how an individual can allow a young child to get on a snowmobile without wearing a helmet, or themselves not having a helmet."

    The boy was flown to Women and Children's Hospital.

    At last we heard, he's in critical condition.

    Stiles is being arraigned on his harassment charges in Lockport today.

    Then, he may face charges related to the snowmobile accident.

    Stiles' friend who was allegedly driving the pick-up truck, 27-year-old Ted Dunham of Gasport, was caught and charged with obstructing governmental administration.

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    thats a shame. i hope the little guy pulls through it OK


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      stupid azzholes............... thats terrible............


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        That just SUCKS!!! I hope they hang that bastage by his nuts and play pinata w/ him !!! Having a child w/ no helmet on is cause enough for jail time as far as Im concerned, then to ride fast enough to throw him off KNOWING he has no helmet on.....Hope he rots in jail. Shows ya the type of scum he is to leave the scene, more worried about saving his skin then the welfare of the child. He needed to be hooked to the same end of the needle as Tookie was !!!
        It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!