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  • How to Get started Jr SnoCross

    Hi Everyone,
    I grew up around the racetrack and all of my brothers raced in the ME/NH/VT region 25 years ago. Now, I have a 14 yr old daughter who wants to race and I have no idea how to get her started. I just found the link to, but I don't know what I need to do. Can anyone help steer me in the right direction?
    Thanks, KatGirl

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    getting started

    katgirl, finding the rockmaple web site is a great start because you need to determine what class your daughter can compete in and it will also help determine what cc sled you can run in each class. i'm not that familiar with the womens, junior classes and new freestyle classes but that's the area on the website you want to focus on. the sled: for just starting out, look for a used sled or find a race team in you home town to consult. most teams, like ours, want to help the sport grow and may offer a ride to a kid just starting out. once you find a sled or a ride you'll need safety equipment (helmet, goggles, tek-vest & shin-gaurds). the helmet & goggles you'll need to buy but the rest can be rented at the rockmaple staff trailer at all events. then it's off to the races. don't forget gas and oil for the machine. once your at the track you'll meet lots of great people that are willing to help you out
    and answer questions. if she likes it and wants more then your in trouble because this sport is not cheap! hope this helps its just the basics!
    good luck
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