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RIVERTRAIL (friday nite dinner option)

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  • RIVERTRAIL (friday nite dinner option)

    When I was at the Rivertrail I introduced myself to the owner as leader of the Trasher/FREAKS,he asked if he could be considered for our dinner business prior to the band playing,since they were nice enough to work with us on the band situation I told him we would consider his offer if he would send me a menu this week on what he would include for a $10 buck a head charge for dinner. your leader joeee

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    It may be better than feeding our faces at the motel. $10/head is not bad plus we as TRASHER/FREAKS get live entertainment after were done chowing. Zitis, wings , finger foods ect.ect. or maybe cheese and crackers w/ some mystery meat chilli!!!!!!! .25 for cheese its extra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
    Joee will work out the details w/ the bar management. let him know what u guys wanna do.

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      I will need a fairly accurate head count by jan 20th a week before that fabulous fri nite.-----------looks like 24 so far as I see it,erin and eric will arrive to late to take part in the dinner.

      Will anybody else not on the list be taking part in our little buffet?
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        Sounds Better Than Scrapple!

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          And I Thougth It Was Going To Be Hard To Out Do Last Years Trip Nice Job Roda,joee!!! I Wish The Trip Was Tomorrow. This Is Going To Be One Of Those Trips You Don't Want To End!!! Hopefully The Rookie Doesn't Crash To Early. The Trasher Ride Is Looking To Be One Big Party. It Will Be Good To See Everyone.
          Awsome Site Snowpro!!