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  • Here we go again

    Heard a pop and there goes another 500$$ or so. First day out when the snow fell here in pa went like this. 2 miles up the trail in Bald Eagle SF my 2002 mxz 800 with 5000 miles on it blew the primary clutch completely apart. It somehow spun the crank bolt out and the cannon ball size chunk came right off the crank. Anyone ever had that happen?? Had it fixed 2 hours later with a good used unit. Next day seemed a little better got to ride 50 miles or so with my 3 boys. Then the other day when we got hit again with that storm i decided to go ditch bangin. Got about 2 miles from home and bang stuck the engine. Thought maybe had some h2o in the wrong place. But ended up finding a crack on one of the intake boots. Luckily it looks like a can get away with a little hone and piston kit, off course some new reeds and boots too. If any of you sled heads got any stuff laying around i could use, or know where to get the best deal on parts i would be greatfull. Anyone having any thoughts about whether to do both cylinders while its apart would be great too. I am not sure what to do, from what i have priced i can buy 2 wiseco pistons for the price of one doo piston......almost.

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    send a private message to doooooer....he will help you.....


    • #3 is good for used parts


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        try the Lucy at The sled shed in Williamstown NY tele.# 315964-2577
        Lucy has most everypart you need in stock. Tell Bill Best refered ya
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