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    Hey guys I'm thinking of making a midweek trek up to the Tug Hill area after Xmas. I haven't been there in a long time & never been up there riding by myself or maybe with 1 other person. (the few times I've been there was always in a group following others). Where would you suggest I start out from, like I said I not that familiar with the area I usually ride Lake George, Indian Lake & Sacandaga areas? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Join a club get a map & go crazy...The Quick & Eazy in Constabilville on rt 26 has parking gas, ect. it is a good point to start.
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      brantingham...easy access to tughill, old forge..great food...great people...great times..


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        Thanks for the advice fellas,
        My Bro-in-law & I left from the Timberview this morning around 8:30 & rode down to Highmarket, trails to there were fantastic once a little away from Timberview. From there we cruised up to Flat Rock Then over to Montague where they have some great lookin' bartenders. Cruised around a little more (not exactly sure where) We had a little trouble finding our way back to the Timberview to load up for the day around 4:30, by then the trails were getting a little rough but all in all was a great day of riding. 120 miles on the sled on a Wed. instead of being at work is a beautiful thing! Also, nice work with the SledFreak.Com propaganda in every bathroom I leaked at.