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Leaving for Tug today .......

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  • Leaving for Tug today .......

    Ok Freaks, Im heading to the Hill till Thursday. Just got a report from buddy who came back from there this morning...who is a critic...and he said conditions are GOOD !!! Snowed Friday night....3 + on the roads/ground heading out this morning. Rated the trails a 7-8 outta 10, things are froze up, and found no yucky water holes, lots of grooming going on. Location he stayed was Osceola, rode Camden, Florence those lower areas, and the whole hill. Very thin towards Brantingham, Booneville as Snopro has said, and you are locked in on the Hill. heading out of Barnes Corners gets thin, No Watertown run, no Stillwater run, no Lake ontario but thats ok, Im just gonna be glad to be riding !! Riding up there w/ Mike1Mach, Longtimecatman, and Arctic Ed from the Snowgoer Trash Board. Anyone who's playin' w/ the idea of coming up, let me know. Call my cell phone 585-245-2314 and leave a message. Service sucks there and probably won't get it till evening time, staying at the Crossroads Inn and Cabins in Redfield.
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    I bet ya Ed shows up on the last day w/ parts in hand.
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      hope the trails are good for you. ive heard its the best towards redfield right now


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        think they are going to hold upper 30 and 40's and rain bout all week.?? I was going to go tuesday and wednesday. Not sure now
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