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    I want to try and post as much useful information about Alaska as I can for "Sledfreak" users to help educate all of you who dream of a Alaska riding adventure. I'm sure when AKZRT sees this post he will be willing to help me out. Zman how bout a Alaska room? I think this could be big for "Sledfreak"!
    Ok right down too it! About 75% of Alaska is Mountianous terrain, great for High marking and beautiful scenery accross the state. There are over 1 million lakes in Alaska, which are frozen more than 50% of the year. Riding is big here, not a trail system like back on Tug Hill or in the Adirondacks, But who needs trails when the majority of Alaskas land is not devolped. Hell you see sleds in downtown Fairbanks, and the river riding is great. Speaking of river riding, there is a awesome race that has alot of river riding. The Iron Dog. Almost 2000 mile long race with prizes pushing $80,000. Last year first place took over $23,000 home. This year the race is from Wasilla, just about a 45 minute drive from Anchorage and heads North for Nome. Then heads back East to Fairbanks. This years race is over 1800 miles long. Check out Alaska is huge, so it's go BIG or go home! Trey you know more than me when it comes to riding up here so help me show these guys just how very awesome it is to be up here!!

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    Hey dont forget about the haynes race were there speed averages over 120 mph for over like a twelve mile in like 20 below weather plus we have arctic man and we have snow cross everyweekend in anchorage,valdez, and wassila.The snow in the mountains is endless summit has got over 74 inches of just in the past 4 months same as turnagain and other places. Alaska is the greatest place i think for riding if you love ride in open land.
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      thanks...never stop discussing your great state...and sharing your riding secrets and styles with us...I appreciate your useful info....