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  • Tuesday ride

    Rode form W. Leyden to Highmarket w/ a local. I didnt touch 1 trail all the way.Just like TS'S "SECRET TRAILS". It was awsome. 2' of untouched snow.
    drove to Crowfoot, it was closed. Trails were _____________ NORTH RD-PLUMBER RD. at 90 mph. Turned around went to Sportsmans Club. Trail same cond. Went tawards the Osceola Rd , trails were _______ ___. seen BAZZer's secimated saplings. they have recovered nicely Bazz. No scaring! Dont worry ENCON wont be looking for you any longer!!!!!LOL. All trails were in great condition.
    Long range local forcast is calling for cold temps. w snow forcasted everyday next week. I believe Mother Nature will finally turn on the lake affect machine just in time. Remember the year when Snogoer Mag was w/ us? Crappy till the day prior of the event then 4' of snow. Bottomless powder!!!!!!! .
    Everyone must do a snow dance!!!!!!!!!!!!
    H20Xing is more twice as badass as the second most badass thing in the world.
    Heaven is a chocolate train with a monkey conductor who farts lollipops!

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