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  • Tug Hill Ride

    Back today from Tug Hill trip. I'm here to say it was FANTABULOUS !! Every trail had snow, every trail was groomed and very LOW traffic. Monday and Tuesday was some of the best riding for lowest snow conditions i have seen on the Hill. You have to rememeber to tho, w/ only so much snow theres only so big of bumps. Never encountered a 12" bump till late into Tuesday. Worst to be rode was in'r access trails coming and going from towns/bars/restaurants. Most funnest trail was coming/leaving Redfield out by Suzie Q's former Dicks Pub. Tight twisty trail w/ 10" to 12" running bumps (late tuesday)....absolute riot !! ( If thats your thing ). Couldn't give ya a true temp reading on any of the days cause I didn't care. there was snow, it was cold enough, sled ran great & more than enough cooling for sliders and motor. Rode the whole Hill, was on trails I've never been before, saw the Windmills which are a sight to behold. Came out of some trail heading to Flat Rock and BOOM there they were....WOW !!! I find them enjoyable to look at, some people don' each their own. Wednesday turned a lil slushy towards late morning but very do-able for riding. Headed back to cabin about 4:30 ? and had a nice surprise of seeing ZR800Racer there. Had rode his sled from Highmarket, met up w/ us (Mike, Ed, John and I) and we all went to dinner at The Hayloft, which was very good. Back to cabin, Ryan left for trailer(at Highmarket) then home, and sometime a while after that we heard the ugly.....rain !!! Rained off and on, hard and soft most of the night BUTT the snow held up well considering, when I got up this morning. Roads will be bare, bridge crossings bare, low snow depths areas will be sad but there is snow to ride. Heres hoping the temps drop for them up there this weekend like their calling for. If the temps go were there suppose to soon, some more snow comes to visit, the cruise ride should be a go.

    Keep doing your snow dance, naked if ya haven't been, and as always...THINK SNOW !!!!!
    It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!

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    Well said Deb, wish I made it there earlier. The ride back to High Market was a blast! I think I may have made a wrong turn or two, I think I took the long way to Camp 2 rd. It was a 35 miles ride back, I made good time. Perfect mix of bumps and twisties.


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      great report and glad to hear you got some unexpectedly good riding in


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        Yeah....what he said....(under breath...bitch!!)LOL
        L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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          Glad to here ya's had a good time...The area that you rode in was the same that I rode from this link

          We also stoped at the hayloft for dinner...the food was very good and its a nice clean place
          Ride it like a Rental

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