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  • suspension question

    question for you guys will a 2001 440 sno pro suspension fit in an 03 f7 im building a mod sled and need to know because i ca npick this one up for 150 bks
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    hey snopro i saw your sled on ebay
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      I'm gonna take a stab at this, if I'm wrong you gotta buy me a shot
      I'm going w/ a NO answer, reason being, 01's were a ZR chassis, sno-pro or not, 03' F-series are all new design/chassis. You might be able to FAB IT to work, but for a clean fit, thinking not......?????
      Ok you PUSSY (Cat) guys/gals....whats the verdict ??

      BTW.....I'll take a SoCo on the rocks.......
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        01xcgirl is right (sorry, no shot).

        The '01 snopro was 121" x 15 track and the 03 firecat is 128" x 13. The geometry on the suspension is also very different. While it would be possible to fabricate/modify it to work, the dynamic operation would make for a poor ride.

        Next trip to NY visit one of the many junkyards around Lowville. You can probably pick up a set of heavier shocks and springs dirt cheap and just have the shocks rebuilt/revalved to suit your needs.


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          i'm going with 01xcgirl on this one. i don't believe it will fit in it. if your going to do it watch ebay for parts. if i come across anybody i know that will part out there 440 i'll write back.


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            I got a skid frame on e-bay for 50 bucks and 50 bucks for shipping not bad for an 03 f7 skid i think
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