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    Been looking for one... any luck finding such a place?

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    are you male or female,we have and know of plenty of unattached sledders.


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      Yeah right! Good Luck. You will find many who claim to be single but are they really????? hummmmm I wonder????


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        We might be onto something here Snopro.......................


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          Oh God, here we go.


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            OK, here you go.

            Male looking for female between the ages of (28-38)
            Male is 34 and rides Arctic Cat, female match must ride green!
            Must like to ride as much as me.
            Height: 6'
            Weight: 175lbs.
            Income: nice

            Waggz 770 on this site has referenced me as a "Real Woman Panty Wetter", whatever that means.

            Drink Occasionally
            Sex - often when not riding the green!
            Must be able to pee in snow, while out riding if need be!

            Must enjoy the smell of Klotz and VP-12 in the morning!

            Anyone matching these descriptions PM me.


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              Weeds - you forgot to mention your illustrious snocross career - thats a definitely in the plus column for you.

              There are cute, single riders out there....You just can't find us because there is NO SNOW!!!!


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                Weeds "gay"

                dude, are you for real?? you are so gay! please don't include me in your gay methods to pick up women.
                Swoyerracing snowmobile hill drags


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                  Speed dating on sleds! Whats this world coming to?
                  H20Xing is more twice as badass as the second most badass thing in the world.
                  Heaven is a chocolate train with a monkey conductor who farts lollipops!

                  Founder of ROTS. POSSE


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                    Don't cramp my style 770

                    770, Stop cramping my style. I follow the teachings of the "King C."


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                      There is not a better smell then 2 stroke in the morning. The smell of race gas is an aphrodisiac to me. I look forward to sledding all summer long. I love anything that burns fuel and goes FAST! Peeing in the snow is not a problem!

                      Oh wait...... OOPS my bad, for a moment there I thought we made a love connection.

                      I RIDE YELLOW!!!!!!!! Dam!

                      Can you handle your girl being faster than you????


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                        Originally posted by WEEDS248
                        770, Stop cramping my style. I follow the teachings of the "King C."

                        Weed you're just upset that he didn't say "not that there is anything wrong with that" after he called you gay.

                        Suzie - A turtle is faster than the weed.


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                          Ms. Suziedoo

                          Ms. Doo,

                          Women faster then me is never a problem, but you will have to ride green to stay ahead of green! LOL.


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                            Mr Weeds

                            Ooo feisty, I like that.

                            Wanna race big boy?


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                              Hey Administrator...... I think that Bio from the Weed should be moved to the Bull&^%T Forum!