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Barnes Corners to Martys?

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  • Barnes Corners to Martys?

    Does anybody know about how long, on a sled, it would take to get from Barnes Corners to Martys? in a few weeks ill most likely be staying at Barnes Corners and have to be at Martys by 8 am. thanks for the help in advance

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    Barnes Corners to Marty's a good 1/2 hour plus, if you know the way. Most likely more. Not that I have had the pleasure of doing it this year. Maybe that will change soon.
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      Yup, what Phil said , about at 1/2 hour ride from Barnes coeners to Martys/
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        1/2 hour is pushing it. I'd have to say it's over 30 miles and to do it in 30 min you'd be movin pretty good. Plus they is no saying how the trail conditions are or if you know the trails that well. I'd bank on more like 45 if not an hour just to make sure you were there in time.
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          thanks guys, ill appreciate the help, ill make sure we have enough time to get there, hopefully this weather changes for the better