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** cocktail reception TRASHER ride???

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  • ** cocktail reception TRASHER ride??? we should ALL get together at the PINE TREE friday nite.....

    food and grub on JOEEEEEEEEEEE(no BK!!!)..he has a tab there!

    Kovach twins can provide the entertainment....

    joeeee can take pix.....

    what time HOSS????

    ...maybe ..just maybe we can get the batwoman to show??? batwoman??? you ask???our newest sledfreak babe..if we are lucky enough!!

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    Lets see how much snow we get before the big celebration there ziggy


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      I would be delighted to have a drink on Joeee's tab.

      Joeee will be up at the hill.


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        Drinks on Joeee WAHOO!!!!!


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          I may come up either Saturday for the day or on Friday night. Hope to meet all the SLEDFREAKS this weekend!
          Proudly burning fossil fuels in vast quantities to go FAST, have FUN, and piss off tree huggin' hypocritical LIBERALS!

          Socialism is great idea until you run out of OTHER peoples money!

          Snowmobiling is not what I do. It is who I AM!


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            I may have to work saturday if Brantingham has snow...if not...then I will be over the HILL all day taking pix and hanging at the gorge.....


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              I thought the official trasher ride was postponed?
              is this an Unofficial cocktail reception?

              Lead, Follow, Or get the Hell out of the way!


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                Joe's tab eh....
                I'll be there Thursday night to hit the max on it !!!!

                This is unofficial Jackie. I can't speak for anyone else, but living some what close by I kept my room and played the wait and see game. Looks like the Hill may get some fresh, new snow that is greatly needed. I also have reservations for that first weekend in March. A lot will depend on snow in my area if I come to that or not. 2 trips already to Tug, and a trip to UP Michigan in Feb is depleating my snowmo fun stash. If no snow locally I'll be there for sure in March !
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                It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!


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                  So a bunch of you are going to be at the Pine Tree Friday night? I just got my buddies hunting camp for the weekend on Partidgeville Road not to far from 10 Mile Truck Crossing Road. Going to be there Friday (not sure what time yet) and would like to meet some of you if are going to be @ Pine Tree. We are only going to go if it is rideable from there to the hill. Otherwise, staying in Redfield.