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**joeeee Fans!!--the Best Joeee Story Ever!!!

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  • **joeeee Fans!!--the Best Joeee Story Ever!!!

    NEWS ALERT>>NEWS ALERT!!! heres the deal.....seems our SUPER MODERATOR...(with his sled being serviced by our STUD mechanics THE KOVACH BOYZ.)..hooks up his TRAILER this morning to leave THE SLEDFREAK he hooks up his TRAILER....head towards KOVACHS to pick up his sled to meet everyone over the hill...he drives into KOVACHS.... 1 mile away....(DOOOOER and F7 GREEN are wathcing from inside shop) comes JOEEEE....he gets out of his truck at the shop..and walks behind truckto lift up trailer....GUESS WHAT?????

    NO TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these guys are watching JOEEE form inside when JOEEEoutside is walking around in circles...he FINALLY figures out his TRAILER is MIA!!!!

    goes back 1/2 mile down road...WHATS THIS??????...a TRAILER..laying along the road....HMMMMMMMMMMMM..

    what else???? TOTALED some nice guys SIGN outside his JOEEEE...wakes up the hood..."HEY MAN...I BROKE YOUR SIGN!!...IM A FREAK NOW!!" the guy and JOEEEEEEEEE make $$$$$$$$$$ arrangements to get it fixed alot later...from there...I have no clue what happened..I just found this story out... F7GREEN..told me the WHOLE STORY!!!!

    ...STORY BY F7 GREEN..(witness's...KOVACHS REPAIR STUDS!!!)
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    are you serious

    LMFAO you got to be kidding you not have ould you not know your trailor is gone.....unreal...i guess inna short trip you just dont think to look back...and obviously you would never thinkit would come unhooked...LOL i dunno i always look back and the trailor i pull you definitly know its missing....extreme 32Ft enclosed 5th wheel....haha good luck mr.joeeee
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      here is the boyz getting a kick out of the " SLEDFREAK STORY OF THE YEAR"....
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        here is the TOTALED sign....notice someone LAY SOME FLOWERS there????
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          JOEEEEEEE...remember ..where FAMILY NOW...its all LOVE!!
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            now...after taking a deep breathe and as a snowmobile reporter....relaxing....and thinking about this...I can finally say what I think...about this story......" Im sorry Joee"..snopro..( what did you think I was gonna say??????


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              It was a pleasure to meet you this afternoon. (I'm one of the guys in the pic). That was one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. We'd all be happy to pitch in and get Joeeee a set of mirrors and trailer safety chains!


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                thanks KINGFISH...and WELCOME to


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                  I'm here at my computer laughing my ass off.......

                  Thanks Chris for that delightful information. Some how my puking in my sleepingbag last year in Canada doesn't seem so, whats the word I'm looking for?? Oh yeah, sucker.
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                    Ron you took the words rite out of my mouth..... LMFAO @ "Big Toyme"

                    Man I wish I was there 4 that 1 .
                    L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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                      Oh Mg

                      You've got to be kidding bigmc crashed his trailer and didn't know. wtf were you guys smoking LOL ~:}. And i was gonna ask if he wanted to go somewhere this week


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                        Joeee's eyes were still bleeding from the night before...small wonder he did not know the trailer was story I've heard in a while...wait till you hear joeee tell it...
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                          I was on the phone w/him afterwards.........I wanted to bust out laughin but wanted to make sure all was ok 1st.LOL Too funny Joeeeeeeeeee!!

                          I can see missin the ball ......but putting your sled in your truck backwards is just plain stupid LOL sorry Ken !!
                          L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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                            I am also one of the guys in the photo. What a funny story. We are all still laughing about it.

                            Ps. great site you have here guys!


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                              I think I will zap this post forever!!!!!!!!!!