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    any of you guys ride old forge area and know what the trails are really like, im thinking about heading up for a ride sunday. i called a few freinds but no ones really been out.

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    a member here for that info



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      old forge

      just got home from my house in old forge, rode 120 miles thurs, 125 fri,trails in old forge were great, roads were good. But warmed up today, was 28 when i left 8:45am and everybody that owns a sled in n.y. state and every where else is there today. trails will most likely be shot tommorrow, they are doing the best they can with the snow they have. as long they get some snow this week and don"t get rain trails should be okay this week. one thing i will warn you about is gas at stillwater, 3.74 a gal. about a 1.20 more than anywhere else.


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        ya, i normally fill up in town and can go for quite awhile on a tank, i got the 600 sdi it actually does do better on gas, ive never firgured it out but it does better then the 500ss so im happy with that, and stillwater normally is more expensive.


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          Rode OF yesterday. Trails were good to great in the am but the sun and large amounts of people trashed them by evening. THINK SNOW! Got 158.0 miles in. That brings this years total to only 965! This SUCKS! Gotta get back to Canada and put on some serious miles!
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