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update for canada trips

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  • update for canada trips

    What is going on with the planned canada trips. I would like to make the next one if i can.

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    Yeah sup w/dat I might like to enjoy some smooth trails this yr ??
    L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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      My buddy was up in St. Michele for 2 days. Walked out of the Hotel Central to find 3 guys standing around his sled. Asked what they were doing. They actually told him they were going to steal his sled, and get this...they ASKED him to help them load it into their truck!!!!! WTF!? These guys are REALLY getting BOLD!
      Proudly burning fossil fuels in vast quantities to go FAST, have FUN, and piss off tree huggin' hypocritical LIBERALS!

      Socialism is great idea until you run out of OTHER peoples money!

      Snowmobiling is not what I do. It is who I AM!


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          Perfect what Stevo???
          L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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            Read Hardcoresledder. He is not the only by a long shot.


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              yeah thats just great

              seems fitting the place with the greatest trails i have ever seen has that kinda bullcrap going on. i learned that a guy right here in my home town had a sled stolen a few years ago in quebec. maybe the trashers should go to work undercover up there and kick some hoohaa. well someone should!!!!!!!

              how about Maine i hear it is good. anybody wana doo a 15 hour road trip


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                Brian we will try to put a few trips dates together this week,more than likely they wont be to St. ZENON area which equates to longer travel times so a 5 day trip means 3 days riding plus the possibility of a loop the nite we get there.


                yearly pass--- $200---weekly $150--daily $50
                rooms $50-75 per nite per person based on 2 per room
                food --- breakfast $3-$12 lunch $8-15 dinner $15-$25
                fuel --- ????????? --$1._ _ a litre = $5.00-$7.00 a gallon my guess(anyone know)
                plus you need your birth certificate or passport for 2006 ---starting 1/2007 a passport will be mandatory I have been told ---so this summer apply
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                  uh..shane..what then happened to your buddy with the 3 jerks?????


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                    Yeah finish the story.....................