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Arctic Cat F Series Overheating

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  • Arctic Cat F Series Overheating

    Running a Firecat in low snow conditions or on ice can cause overheating. I have tryed different solutions for a couple of years. Ice scratchers, water wetter, 04 coolant bottle, which all helped, but the radiator helped the most. This past weekend I tested for two days. Running roads with little snow and at 60 MPH the tempature would drop. Ran a consistant 120 degrees.

    I tied this in on the left foot well side, removed the black plastic insert in the nose to allow fresh air to enter under the hood. Moved the ECU to the right fender. Wiring stayed stock.
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    good job...I was impressed with what you did.....


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      i had cooling probs on my 03...than it was recalled and got the 04 update kit..all has been well ever since

      03 f-7 EFI..V-force 3's...D&D efi p.a.c kit.timing key...D&D twins...boondocker control box
      if speed kills im a deadman
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