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Hats off to the groomer (s)!

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  • Hats off to the groomer (s)!

    This was my first weekend staying in Bham and only 2nd time riding around there. Rode up to the hill early and then back to the Pine Tree, 110 miles. It was getting beat down to dirt on our way back in the lower areas, but that was to be expected with the sun, warmth, and traffic. I think most thought Sunday was a bust, as traffic was very low, but hit 10 mile crossing from Partridgeville Rd about 9am and rode up to the Norwidgewok and back.

    I have to say, whomever groomed 10 mile crossing Sat. night did an excellent job. You could see where the corners where worked and put back together. It was pretty flat and a real surprise after Saturday. So just wanted to say thanks to the club and groomer operators.

    It will bring me back there.

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    BRANTINGHAM has there SH--t together when it comes to grooming!