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getting pounded?????

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  • getting pounded?????

    it sure looks like it..........
    ... Lake effect snow warning remains in effect until 7 am EST

    A lake effect snow warning remains in effect until 7 am EST

    Lake effect snow near south of Watertown will be firmly
    established over the Tug Hill today and tonight. The lake snows
    will begin to drift further south late tonight and Tuesday as
    winds shift more to the northwest.

    Snow accumulations of 2 feet or more expected by Tuesday morning
    in persistent snows... especially across the Tug Hill plateau.
    Strong winds will produce whiteouts and heavy drifting with very
    dangerous driving conditions. Some roads will become impassable.

    In lake effect snow... the weather can vary from very heavy snow
    to clear skies just a few miles away. If you will be traveling
    across the region be prepared for very difficult winter
    conditions and rapid changes in Road and visibility conditions.
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    Strong winds will produce whiteouts and heavy drifting .


    ..ends tommorow..and then I pull out..


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      If anything it will be a real nice view up there with everything in white for once !! Take some pics !!
      L.O.L Band Fingerlakes N.Y.


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        perfect..this is north..and will drop..tug and bham getting pounded....
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            Is the Brantingham (Pine Tree) webcam correct from Absolute? Doesn`t look good.
            Northern Foothills of The Tug


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              absolute cams NEVER work at the PINE TREE


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                Old Forge

                Webb cam looks bleak and Christy's Cam shows a little snow. Not nearly what's seen in Barnes Corner's or Flat Rock.
                In this world we're living in, we have our share of sorrow . . . answer now is don't give in, aim for a new tomorrow.


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                  All I know is that Rt 177 was BAD last night - and sounds like today it was worse.... Keep it crankin Mother Nature
                  - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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                    177 is the best for WHITE OUT conditions.....and NEVER fun to drive when its snowing....ESP..WHITEOUTS!!


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                      Montague already reporting 36" and Sno Pals is out with both Groomers


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                          AP New York

                          Lake-effect snows hammer Tug Hill Plateau

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                          February 6, 2006, 1:01 PM EST

                          LOWVILLE, N.Y. -- Remember winter? It's back _ at least on northern New York's Tug Hill Plateau.

                          Heavy lake-effect snows blanketed the region east of Lake Ontario on Monday, dropping up to 2 feet, forcing schools to close, and prompting the Lewis County Sheriff's office to advise residents not to drive unless entirely necessary.

                          "We've got probably 18 to 24 inches already, and the wind is gusting, so there's bad visibility, especially on the secondary roads," Undersheriff John LeDuc said. "It's just hard getting around right now. We have a lot of vehicles off the road but nothing serious. The difficulty is that without snowbanks, it's hard to tell where the roadways are."

                          According to a snow depth map produced by the Northeast River Forecast Center in Taunton, Mass., much of the 2,000-square-mile Tug Hill area had a snow cover of just 1 to 5 inches a week ago. So, the storm was welcome news for snowmobilers who have been itching for a place to ride during this abnormally warm winter.

                          "They've got enough snow now," LeDuc said. "It's supposed to calm down tomorrow morning, but we are expecting stronger winds and continued lake-effect bands. It's been a relatively mild winter until now, but it's early in our winter. It goes on until April."

                          Forecasters were calling for an additional 2-to-3 feet in persistent squall areas. Montague, which was stunned in 1997 by a storm that dropped 77 inches in a 24-hour period, was one of the expected targets.

                          "It's not really dropping as fast as that 1997 storm did, but it's a welcome sight," said Susan Lucas, proprietor of the Montague Inn, "It's been warm and no snow. So far, we're at about 36 inches since last night, and it's still coming down. We're happy. Last weekend was probably the worst weekend of the year. We were right down to grass. Now, we're snowed in."


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                            news keeps getting better

                            The Most Significant Lake Effect Snow Event Of
                            The Season Will Continue Tonight Into Tuesday With Some Areas
                            Southeast Of Lake Erie And East Of Lake Ontario Picking Up 3 To 4
                            Feet Of Accumulation. The Hardest Hit Areas Will Be Close To The
                            Chautauqua County Ridge (and Immediately Downstream)...and Over
                            Central Lewis County Where 4 Foot Snow Totals Will Be Possible.

                            :d :d :d
                            In this world we're living in, we have our share of sorrow . . . answer now is don't give in, aim for a new tomorrow.