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New Video Rath Films!! Quinlan!

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  • New Video Rath Films!! Quinlan!

    check out the new video from rath...
    buy it here in our store...get a sledfreak sticker for free...
    video $29.99 includes shipping and free sticker
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    wish i had a few extra bucks to get that but right now i need all my money to fuel the sled, ive heard awesome things about that video


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      That film Rocks the snow down

      That Film rules the snow. That gotta suck when he hit the tree before the rath logo . Wish we had $$ to get Film or (Films)


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        I got an autographed copy from the riders at the Denver Snow show.
        They had the booth right accross from mine.

        I just have to say after watching it that Dana Torkerson is SICK.
        He is a really nice guy and all, hung out in my booth and BSed for a while.
        Then that night when I watched the vid... well... You really have to watch it.

        Dan Gardener is so under rated.
        100 plus foot drops and landing them.

        Jay Quinlan was there. Really nice guy

        Much respect for the great riding that these guys do.
        Let's Ride Idaho


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          no crap.?..they are cool.... I talked to Dana a bunch of times over the phone...he is one cRaZy dude....


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            No crap.

            I have T-shirts with my logo on the front, and on the back in large letters it says TREE HUGGERS SUCK
            Those got their attention and Dana came over first and asked if he could trade a video for a T-shirt. He doesn't like tree huggers AT ALL, Just had to have one.
            Of course I said yes.
            He told me that RATH stands for Riders Against Tree Huggers. I thought that was pretty cool.

            We BSed a while and wound up trading several T-shirts and a couple extended throttle cables for both videos, Cold Filtered Ice and Red Neck Fury 2, along with a hat and a Rath T-shirt.
            They all signed the video covers and everything.

            They had rented a limo to go party in for that night. I was... well.... still too hung over from the night before and passed on that one. Good thing too, they looked pretty ill Sunday at the show. lol

            Really good guys. VERY CRAZY, but good guys in all.
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            Let's Ride Idaho


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              student driver...what show was that????and where???


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                Snowest show in Denver.
                Oct 8 and 9, 2005
                Big As All Out Doors Productions put the show on
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                Let's Ride Idaho